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You can hire party bands to perform from our roster that can put on a dynamic, fun and energetic performance that will get your party in full swing. With numerous genres of experienced party bands on our books you are spoilt for choice! Get in touch for more information about hiring party bands…

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The Travelling Hands are one of the UK’s leading roaming party bands and offer a unique performance

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Hire party bands if you’re looking to make your event an unmissable affair! Our roster is absolutely bursting with party bands to hire that each bring their own signature style to every occasion, with everything from indie and swing to vintage and funk you have plenty of party bands to choose from. You can hire party bands for all manner of events, private or corporate, it could be hiring a party band to make someone’s birthday extra special or to drum up some excitement at a company celebration. With excellent party bands to hire all over the world and some of the leading party bands in London, you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for your event, wherever you are.

What to Consider When You Hire a Party Band…
A timeless form of entertainment, people have hired party bands to provide some exciting, crowd-pleasing music for decades. Party bands can come in all shapes and sizes, but always maintain that important factor of being fun and usually play covers of popular hits. If you hire party bands they aim to get everyone up on their feet and having a good time, they are there not just there as music but also to make it an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all. To help you decide which party band you would like to hire there are a few things you need to take into consideration including:

  • Audience – Is there a wide age range or is it primarily kids or adults? You will need to hire a party band suited to their preferences, for example children will most likely prefer pop genres and only recognise contemporary songs whereas for a 50th birthday you may want a party band that can cover classic songs from their era.
  • Genre – This might be an easy decision for some but if you’re trying to please everyone picking the genre can be difficult. Before you hire party bands think about the atmosphere you’re trying to create or if you have a theme in mind. For example if it’s a dance party you might want to hire a disco or pop party band, whereas if it’s slightly more chilled and glamorous a jazz, swing or vintage party band could be more suitable.
  • Budget – How much are you willing to spend? Make sure you have a clear budget in your mind before hiring a party band. The size of a band will also effect the price, for example a 12-piece brass band will be more expensive than a jazz trio, also location and length of the set are important aspects.

What is the Difference Between Party Bands and Function Bands?
Party bands and function bands are synonymous. However, a party is defined as a social gathering whereas a function has an intended purpose and tends to be more formal. So, a party band will probably perform in a more relaxed environment whereas a function band may have to meet certain standards.

Popular Types of Party Bands to Hire
If you want to hire a party band there are a couple of factors to consider, such as the genre, style and the size of the band. There are a variety of party bands to hire on our roster and each have their own unique style which can be suited to a particular party or function. To help pick which party band is right for your event here is a few of the different types that we have to offer:

  • Hire Tribute Party Bands – These party bands are formed in honour of a certain famous singer or band such as The Beatles or Bob Marley. We have even more tribute bands to hire here.
  • Hire Music Genre Party Bands – We have a diverse range of party bands with specific genres to choose from, whether it’s indie, rock, pop, jazz or swing we can give you recommendations for the perfect party band to suit the style of your event.
  • Hire Themed Party Bands – Many of the party bands on our books have a particular theme to make them stand out from the rest, whether it’s costumes or a classic style from a significant decade such as vintage or the 90’s they will be a great addition to your themed party.

Party Bands to Hire on our Books
If you want to hire party bands then look no further, our extensive roster of top quality party bands has something for everyone. Whatever your party; themed, grand, small or unusual we can suggest the best party bands to hire for the occasion. All of our party bands are complete professionals who know how to get everyone on the dance floor and create a lively atmosphere that all your guests can enjoy no matter their age or musical preferences. Here are a few of the party bands for hire on our books:

  • Hire The Faithettes Party Band – This amazing party band formed after performing on Paloma Faith’s tour together. Made up of some of the best musicians in the industry they have electric chemistry on stage and can do some incredible covers of all your favourite hits.
  • Hire The Cash Cows Extreme Party Band – Irresistibly fun and talented, this ensemble put a fantastic spin on some classic and have experienced members who have performed onstage with the likes of Adele. This party band will deliver an unforgettable performance that can be tailored especially to your event.
  • Hire Party Band Visuality – Combining vibrant visuals and world-class musicians this party band can put together a bespoke performance to wow your guests and breathe life into any party.

Hire Party Bands
We are a top entertainment agency who you can trust to provide you with exceptional party bands to hire for a remarkable event. It couldn’t be easier to hire party bands with Contraband, our capable and knowledgeable account managers have the resources and connections to give you expert advice and help you make your party band booking go smoothly. If you would like to hire a party band just give us a call or contact us on our website, we welcome all manner of enquiries and will work together with you to ensure you hire party bands that are bound to make your party a memorable occasion.

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