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Latin Dance is the embodiment of sensuality, strength and confidence!

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Contraband offers a cha-cha-chatstic range of Latin entertainment for hire! Our acts include Latin bands, singers, Latin dancers…

Latin entertainment is the embodiment of sensuality, strength and confidence. What is Latin music? Latin music is a catch-all term for music that comes from Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking areas of the world, and sung in either language. The term “Latin music” originated in the 1940s from the US due to the growing influence of Hispanic and Latino Americans in the American music market. A commonly asked question is, is Latin and Spanish music the same? There is a difference between Spainish and Latin American Music in the message they tend to convey. Spanish music is often characterized by celebrations and spirited dances while Latin American music tends to convey their collective struggles and goals.

What genres does latin music cover?

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