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Hire / Book Martial Arts Performers

Amaze your audience with our highly skilled Martial Arts Performers for hire including The Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors, Brazilian Capoeria Dancers, Chinese Wushu Martial Arts performers!

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Martial Arts Performers The Shaolin Warriors (Kung Fu)

Hire / Book Martial Arts Performers

Do you want to throw a martial arts themed party or have to organise a martial arts event? We have the martial arts entertainment you need.

Capoeira is a 500 year old African martial art developed by slaves in Brazil and has been popularized in video games such as Tekken and in movies such as Warrior Kinf. Capoeira Dancers will really entertain your guests. Leading the way in extreme fire performance, Energy, collaborate fire with martial arts to perform a stunning show.

Just give us a call and we will be delighted to discuss a martial arts performer booking with you!

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