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Hire / Book Rat Pack Performers

Get a taste of the bright lights and sounds of Las Vegas and hire rat pack performers to add some style to your event. We have a brilliant selection of rat pack performers who will put on a sensational performance. Get in touch to learn more about hiring rat pack performers…

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A singer of extraordinary range, both in scale and material, Dean sweepingly delivers an entire songbook full of modern classic love songs and ballads

Hire / Book Rat Pack Performers

Add some vintage flair and jazz glamour to your event and hire rat pack performers to give your guests a truly special experience. Our roster of rat pack performers includes some enchanting musicians and vocalists who capture the dynamic scene of the genre namesake’s heyday. You can hire rat pack performers for a variety of events, from vintage themed corporate functions to birthday parties looking to capture the essence of classic Vegas showbiz with some energetic jazz music. We have an exciting roster of rat pack performers to pick from who are some of the best in the business.

What is a Rat Pack Performer?
The term Rat Pack entered the spotlight when it was used to describe by Lauren Bacall to describe her husband’s group of famous friends including the likes of Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart and Judy Garland, after they returned from a big night out in Vegas. The name stuck and soon the group were referred to that by media and public alike as members of the pack would make impromptu appearances at each other’s shows. Due to its inception and the group it refers to, Rat Pack is commonly associated with jazz or swing, and is recognised as classic vintage style that is perfect for dancing.

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