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Hire Photo Services & Green Screens

Provide your guests with a portal to another world and hire green screens or hire photo services to give them the perfect memento. This exciting technology will be a hit with guests of all ages. Get in touch to learn more about hiring photo services & green screens…

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Transform your guests into their favourite characters with Heads on Bodies

Hire Photo Services & Green Screens

Create a dynamic environment full of creativity at your event and hire green screens or capture the perfect moment and hire photo services to provide your guests with a memorable experience. We have a range of exciting photo services and green screens to hire where people can enter another realm or even pose as their favourite movie star. If you would like to hire green screens they are a great addition to a variety of events, whether they are corporate functions or private parties they are sure to be a popular attraction that everyone will enjoy. Or if you are looking to hire photo services there are many different ones to try that will provide a brilliant memento to remember the occasion and can also help to promote companies or brands. Revolutionize your event with some of this leading technology that will put a smile on your guests’ faces.

What are Photo Services?
An increasingly popular form of entertainment, photo services can be anything from a 360-rotating camera to the fascinating eye photography, each offering something unique and exciting that goes above and beyond a normal photo. There is also the option of dressing up or the chance to grace the front page of your favourite magazine, the photo services to hire on our books are opportunities to have fun experimenting alongside friends or colleagues.

What is Green Screen?
Ever wonder how our favourite film characters navigate fantastical worlds or encounter mythical beasts? It is all through the use of a green screen; the vivid colour is separated from the foreground and then special effects or separately filmed footage are projected onto it to create the illusion that the characters are in a different place or even world. The green screen entertainment on our books can allow you to choose your own background or even try your hand at invisibility, there is plenty of fun to be had.

Did You Know? – The process of making the green screen transparent to allow other footage to appear is called chromakeying and it can be done with all sorts of bright colours as long as there is a clear contrast between the colour and the character.

Hire Photo Services
You can hire photo services with us and pick from a brilliant selection of professional and top-quality productions who conjure up some excellent and unique results. Your event will be truly special if you hire photo services, they can attract the crowds of all sorts of events including weddings, promotional events and private parties. Everyone loves a good photo, whether it is laughing at themselves in some eccentric fancy dress or an incredible 360 shot of them and their friends jumping in the air, we can recommend some amazing photo services to choose from. Here are just a few of the photo services you can hire with us:

  • Hire photo service The Photo Studio – You can pick from a wonderful variety of vibrant and interesting interactive photo sets or even have your own bespoke one built. This photo studio brings your photos to life with their engaging sets that will make your photos one of a kind.
  • Hire photo service Eye Art – A mesmerising and unique concept that gives your guests a chance to discover the intricacies of their eyes with breath-taking high-resolution photos.
  • Hire photo service Heads on Bodies – The technological version of the typical seaside cut-out, this service will transform you into your favourite celebrity or character, whether it’s James Bond or Lara Croft.

Hire Green Screens
There is endless fun to be had if you hire green screens, this technological marvel can produce amazing footage and hilarious pictures that will have guests talking for weeks after your event. Whether you’re hoping to fit in with a theme or want your guests to visit other dimensions, if you hire green screens the occasion is sure to be unforgettable. Our collection of green screen entertainment comes in all kinds of forms and we can recommend the best ones that suited to your occasion. Here are just a few of the various types of greens screens to hire with us:

  • Hire Green Screen Dancing Videos – Your guests can witness themselves carrying out some amazing dance moves with this service that will superimpose their heads onto animated dancing bodies with side-spitting results.
  • Hire green screen Fantasy Photos – This renowned service lets you pick from a comprehensive library of green screen technology so you can choose the perfect backdrop for your event. You can do anything from creating your own film poster with your guests as the starring roles or place them center stage at a rock concert.
  • Hire green screen Fantasy Christmas Photos – Indulge in some festive spirit for Christmas and hire this green screen to transport you to the north pole or take a ride in Santa’s sleigh.

Hire Green Screens or Hire Photo Services
If you would like to hire photo services or hire green screens to entertain your guests, then we have a exceptional range of products to choose from. You can peruse our roster of photos services and green screens, each with their own individual advantages that make each one unique. As a leading entertainment booking agency, we understand the importance of amazing entertainment and our friendly account managers will always be happy to give you any recommendations or advice you may require. To hire photo service or hire green screens just get in touch and we can help you organise an event to remember.

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