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Hire / Book Walkabout Comedy Acts

For original and funny entertainment you can hire walkabout comedy acts to add some hilarity to your event. We have a wide range of fantastic walkabout comedy acts who are sure to get everyone in a good mood. For more information about hiring walkabout comedy acts give us a call…

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The Victorian strongmen are an amazing walkabout comedy act who entertain guests with feats of strength, acrobatics, juggling and a dose of humour

Hire / Book Walkabout Comedy Acts

You will get your guests in fits of laughter when you hire walkabout comedy acts to help make a great impression at your event. These enthusiastic and hilarious performers are a welcome addition to all kinds of occasions, from corporate events to private parties, they are an excellent way to get conversation flowing and create a fun and relaxed environment at your event. You can hire walkabout comedy acts to put smiles on faces and break the ice, giving some unique entertainment that blends perfectly with your event. From comedy bouncers to lollipop ladies, our exciting roster includes a whole host of fantastic acts that will go down a storm.

What are Walkabout Comedy Acts
An assortment of characters, actors and the weird and wonderful, walkabout comedy acts are performers who can mingle with your guests, putting on sketches or performing funny tricks to entertain them. Walkabout comedy acts are versatile and adaptable, whether it’s a stage performance or integrated into the event proceedings, they can provide some laughter and cheer at a variety of events.

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