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Book Hogarth: Gangsters & Cops

Walkabout Characters

Regulars at any Speak Easy raid, these walkabout characters work as a meet and greet or mix and mingle.

The cops are especially effective when dragging out the MD from a corporate event and delivering a comedy speech as to why he’s been nicked – or nobbled! The gangsters are the best goons in the business and operate as a walkabout or meet and greet. Probably not the wisest wise guys in wiseville, but they sure would make a mess jumping out of the cake at midnight!

The walkabout characters come in any number to suit the size of the event and make a point of talking to everyone, so we all get a piece of the action. Otherwise, you’ll be sleepin’ with the fishes…

Tell them what your event is ad what you’re trying to achieve and they’ll come up with a way in which the characters can help you…

All the performers are professionally trained and come with considerable experience, particularly in terms of comedy and improvisation.

Their act is completely flexible to the client’s needs. They usually perform 3 sets of up to an hour long, but they can adjust these timings to suit the client and the event

They pride themselves on tehir communication skills and being able to fulfil the clients needs and wishes, even if these change on the day.

They will create, fulfilling, engaging and memorable experience for the clients – which is the most oimportant thing.

Clients have included BT, Google, Yell, Oracle, Microsoft, Fulham Palace, Kensington Palace, Quatarian Royal Family, Marwell Zoo, Sea Life Centre, Gilette, Amex, AEG, Somerset House, Eddie Stobart, Barbican, PWC, Ruxley Manor Garden Centre, lots of outdoor festivals, local authorities and many, many private clients

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These walkabout characters come in any number to suit the size of the event and make a point of talking to everyone

Have a huge range of experienced performers, dancers, singers and writers

All performers understand the importance of satisfying the clients needs as well as fulfilling the performance brief

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Here’s what Hogarth: Gangsters & Cops – Walkabout Characters’ clients said:

The whole event was so well designed and organised from the moment we arrived until the end. It definitely surpassed our expectations.

Just wanted to say thank you for your support and help with this event. All your supplied acts were brilliant and exactly would I had in my head. Also, they were ultimate professionals and were loved by audiences all evening

My colleague Mark Sherwen asked me to provide feedback at your request on the actors we have used with the above clients in November/December 2016 and January 2017. All of the actors have been exemplary in their professional approach, and their willingness to ‘play’ the role depending on our observations as facilitators from the plenary sessions has added immense value to the scenarios. Each of them brings the characters to life in their own way and they are a genuine pleasure to work with. Craig Thornthwaite, Principal Consultant


Hogarth: Gangsters & Cops – Walkabout Characters’ Previous Clients:

Fulham Palace
Kensington Palace
Quatarian Royal Family
Somerset House
Marwell Zoo
Sea Life Centre
Eddie Stobart
Ruxley Manor Garden Centre
Lots of outdoor festivals
Lots of local authorities
Many, many private clients

Book Hogarth: Gangsters & Cops – Walkabout Characters

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