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Hire / Book Contortionist

For remarkable entertainment that will cause a sensation at your event hire a contortionist! These fabulously flexible performers will draw in the crowds with their unbelievable contortion skills. Get in touch to find out more about hiring contortionists…

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Delia’s amazing Spider Contortionist

Hire / Book a Contortionist

If you’re looking for extra special entertainment to give your event an edge hire a contortionist! Our gifted contortionists will literally bend over backwards to put on a fantastic show for you and your guests. With their superhuman flexibility and strength they can contort themselves into all kinds of impressive shapes that will amaze the crowds, ensuring that your occasion will definitely stand out from the rest.

What is a Contortionist?
A contortionist is a performer with ultra-flexibility that allows them to bend their body in almost unnatural and incomprehensible ways. There are three prominent types of contortionists; front benders, back benders and, on the more extreme end of the spectrum, dislocation acts.

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