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Hire / Book Function DJs & VJs

Set the atmosphere alight at your event and hire function DJ’s and Vj’s to make it a memorable night. Our brilliant roster of function DJ’s and VJ’s are made up of experienced professionals who will go down a storm. Get in touch to find out more about hiring function DJ’s and VJ’s…

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Hire / Book Function DJ / VJ

To keep the party going all night with some up-tempo and exciting music then hire function DJs or hire function VJ’s to give your event that extra special ambience. Our function DJ’s and VJ’s consist of passionate and charismatic professionals who mix some of the biggest present-day hits with old classics for explosive results. Whether you want to hire a function DJ to play a dynamic set that will keep the dancefloor busy or would like to hire function VJs to put on some eye-catching visuals to bring the venue to life we can recommend some amazing acts to suit your requirements.

What is a VJ?
A VJ or Video DJ is someone who creates videos that can be projected on the walls or screens at your event, these may consist of montages, the official music videos to accompany the tracks played or a mix of different videos to create attention grabbing or vivid visuals. A VJ or Video DJ can combine their visuals and music or put on a solely visual set with just their videos, which can be effective when developing a certain atmosphere.

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Did You Know? – The term Video DJ was derived from MTV’s charismatic and upbeat video jockeys who would introduce the music videos.

What is a DJ?
There are two types of DJ’s, the ones you hear on the radio and the ones who perform in clubs or at events. In all cases, a DJ is defined as someone who plays recorded music for an audience. However, there are additionally skills DJ’s may add to their performance, this can include scratching, mixing tracks or adding sound effects which are often employed in order to add a different twist on a track or to maximise their entertainment value and drum up excitement.

Did You Know? – Famed DJ Diplo was inspired to name himself after his love for dinosaurs as a youth, most specifically the Diplodocus.

Hire Function VJ’s from our Books
To immerse your guests in a vibrant environment you can hire VJs to match the music with some cool visuals. A VJ can project some hypnotic footage or play music videos to make your venue look great and draw everyone to the dancefloor. Whether you want to hire VJs to provide an interactive experience for a corporate party or are looking for entertainment that keeps guests engaged during a launch night, these VJs are a top choice. Here are a couple of the function VJs to hire from our roster:

  • Hire function VJ Video DJs – This sensational VJ can conjure up some motion visual designs to illuminate your event, with everything from starry night skies to vintage Hollywood glamour this a great option for any themed event.
  • Hire function VJ Visualise – This collective includes some of the leading VJs and Video DJs in the industry, with top quality equipment and experience putting on spectacular productions they are sure to enchant your guests with their incredible visuals and audio.

Hire Function DJs from our Books
If you would like to hire function DJs to give your guests an unforgettable music experience, then our roster of professional DJs is bound to impress. Hiring a DJ is the perfect addition to all kinds of events, spinning the hottest new tracks and encouraging people to have a good time, they know the best songs and music to inspire your guests to dance. Here are just a few of the DJs to hire on our books:

  • Hire DJs Glitter Beats – This passionate duo knows how to put on a night to remember, with electrifying sets and a love for what they do their energy is contagious and always gets the crowds going.
  • Hire DJ Samantha Togni – A versatile and talented DJ, Samantha Togni has had a number of popular DJ residencies and played alongside some of the biggest DJs in the world. Her experience and knowledge of music makes her sets truly special.
  • Hire DJ Beats Boutique – Playing a diverse mix of genres with extensive experience performing all over the world this inspired DJ combines a typical set with musicians playing live instrumentals, making for a one of a kind immersive show stopping performance.

Hire Function DJs or Hire Function VJs
To make sure your event is like no other you can hire function DJs or hire function VJs for a complete party experience. Our roster is bursting with talented DJs and VJs whose experience makes them a valuable asset to any party. As a top entertainment booking agency we know the importance of hiring the perfect DJ to give your event the right vibe and sound, our amiable and knowledgeable account managers can work with you to ensure you have your desired VJ or DJ to make your event a hit. Just get in touch and we would be delighted to help you hire function DJs or hire function VJs for an unforgettable occasion.


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