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Fancy giving your corporate event or awards ceremony a little bit of an X Factor? Many agencies will have a wide range of celebrity singers for hire on their books, most of which you will probably recognise from shows such as The X-Factor!

Everything disagrees when it comes to the winners, so you will find many of the most popular contestants will be represented, meaning that you can give an opportunity to your favourite contestant by hiring them to sing or perform at your event

Just looking at some of the celebrity singers for hire that you can find online, at least if you choose to go with an ex-X factor contestant at least you will know how they perform or what they sound like before your event! I would be very wary of hiring someone to sing at my corporate event if I knew that they had very little experience singing at large events or for a large crowd. Some of the singers that I have found go as far as 2006’s second place winner Ray Quin, but there are also a lot bigger names available such as 2008’s winner Alexandra Burke or JLS!

When making your final choice on which celebrity singers for hire you would like for your event, I would always be upfront with them over your expectations and what sort of venue you would like them to perform in. Some celebrities may have their own band or backing music that you also have to cater for, it also might be true that your singer will expect you to provide everything they’ll need- be sure that they make this clear before you sign any sort of contract! Also, make sure that your venue has the capacity or available technology to cater for what your singer needs!

If you do not want to hire a celebrity singer, then your options will be a lot wider. There are many types of singing styles out there, from Opera to Beatboxing- it all depends on what sort of act you have in mind for your corporate event or awards ceremony! Just do your research first! It might be easier to get a professional singer to be more versatile in order to meet the theme of your event- either adapting their act to your requirements or maybe to dress in an era costume?

Of course, the furthest you can go from hiring a celebrity singer is to hire a flash mob to interact with your employees and guests, becoming part of the crowd before bursting into song- seemingly randomly. A take on the singing a flash mob is to hire singing ‘staff’ such as waiters or cooks, it never fails to catch your guests by surprise and to get everyone talking for weeks or even months to come!

So don’t sing yourself into a corner! There are thousands of singers out there, both celebrity and otherwise!