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Hire / Book Celebrity Lookalikes & Impersonators

Don’t have the cash to book David Beckham for your special event? Check out the most well known and booked Beckham Lookalike and our other Celebrity Lookalikes & Impersonators for hire

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David & Victoria Beckham Lookalikes – the best in the business!

Hire / Book a Celebrity Lookalike or Impersonator

We offer a great roster of celebrity lookalikes & impersonators for hire for any type of event – for parties, wedding receptions, corporate events, product launch… Really surprise your guests with… an Angelina Jolie lookalike, or make them laugh with a Dame Edna lookalike… browse our lookalike dancers, lookalike singers and lookalike film stars. We have so many fun impersonators in our lookalike themed entertainment you will be spoilt for choice!

What’s the difference between a lookalike and impersonator? A celebrity lookalike looks like someone famous while a celebrity impersonator will recreate the celebrity they are impersonating through makeup, wigs, dress, voice and body language.

Contact us today if you would like to book lookalike or impersonator to be the highlight of your event! We as your booking agent are more than happy to help you create the most memorable event with your celebrity lookalike or impersonator.

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