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Hire / Book Celebrity Lookalikes & Impersonators

At a bit of star quality to your event and hire celebrity lookalikes and impersonators. We have a whole host of uncanny celeb lookalikes on our roster who will make your guests do a double take. Get in touch to learn more about hiring celebrity lookalikes and impersonators…

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David & Victoria Beckham Lookalikes – the best in the business!

Hire / Book a Celebrity Lookalike or Impersonator

Can’t quite afford the real thing? You can hire celebrity lookalikes and impersonators from our extensive roster, we have some uncanny lookalikes of some of the biggest stars in the world, from David Beckham to Elton John. Whether you’re looking to throw an Oscar inspired event or want to confuse your guests with some familiar faces in the crowds, if you hire celebrity lookalikes and impersonators you are sure to give everyone a memorable experience at your event. All of our lookalikes are friendly and charismatic personalities who know how to engage the crowds with wit and friendly banter.

The Difference Between Celebrity Lookalikes and Tribute Acts
Although both pay homage to their particular celebrity of choice, a lookalike and tribute act can be very different. A celebrity lookalike is someone who closely resembles a famous person in a physical sense, often altering their appearance and outfit in order to replicate that celebrity’s style and look. Whereas a tribute act may not be as similar physically but instead will pay tribute to them via their songs, maybe dressing like them and covering some of the celebrity’s biggest hits.

Where a lookalike is more dependent on looks and mimicry a tribute act is inspired more by their particular talents, generally musical. Additionally, there are also celebrity impersonators, these cover all bases, looks, music and often taking on their personality traits and quirks.

Did You Know? – One of the most famous celebrity lookalike and impersonator is Edward Moss whose resemblance to Michael Jackson has found him a fruitful career with many appearances on screen and a popular tribute tour, he has even received praise for his portrayal from Michael Jackson himself.

Hire Celebrity Lookalikes or Impersonators from our Books
If you are looking to add some humour and hijinks to your event then hire celebrity lookalikes or impersonators, they work great as an ice breaker and talking point as they roam throughout the venue. We have all sorts of fantastic celebrity lookalikes and impersonators, whether you’re after an iconic character like James Bond for a classy, 007 themed event or want some royal company with a Kate Middleton or Prince Charles lookalike, we have the perfect lookalikes that will fit the bill. Hire celebrity lookalikes from all areas of the industry, from musical to comedy, actors to presenters, we have plenty to choose from. Here are just a few of the celebrity lookalikes or impersonators to hire from our books:

  • Hire Celebrity Lookalike and Impersonator Martin as Gordon Ramsey – With a wealth of experience, even gracing the stage on Britain’s Got Talent, Martin is always a popular addition to events with his uncanny appearance and apt impersonation.
  • Hire Celebrity Lookalike Suzie as Marilyn Monroe – For a touch of Hollywood glamour at your event, Suzie is sure to impress with her fabulous resemblance to the iconic Marilyn Monroe and has even appeared in blockbuster Blade Runner 2049 portraying her.
  • Hire Celebrity Lookalike and Impersonator Simon as Jack Sparrow – A charismatic and natural impersonator, Simon has perfected the look and mannerisms of this popular character with brilliant results. He is sure to go down a storm at all kinds of events.

Hire Celebrity Lookalikes and Impersonators
For a star-studded dose of shock and awe at your event you can hire celebrity lookalikes and impersonators to surprise your guests with their all too familiar portrayal of certain figures. These incredible impersonators have polished their craft over the years with great results, able to easily slip into character for a memorable piece of entertainment. As a top entertainment booking agency, we love to provide you with excellent acts whose experience and talent will make them a hit at any occasion. Just get in touch if you would like to hire celebrity lookalikes and impersonators, our friendly account managers will be more than happy to help make your event an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

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