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Engagement Party Ideas & Entertainment

Looking for fun Engagement Party ideas? We can help you plan the best Engagement Party as we have a great choice of entertainment & performers for hire including dance-pleasing Djs and bands and, unusual entertainment such as a town crier, lookalikes, singing waiters… and more
who can make your Engagement Party so special

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Hire / Book Engagement Party Entertainment – with fun Engagement Party Ideas

If you want a unique Engagement party that will make your celebrations unforgettable; hire some of our fantastic engagement party entertainment! We know the pressures of making sure your engagement party is a fun and joyous occasion for everyone, but by having some dynamic performers you can ensure it will be a hit with all your guests. If you book some brilliant engagement party entertainment through us we will strive to find some lively and exciting acts that will make your engagement party a very special experience. We have great selection, from dance-inducing DJ’s and bands to some excellent quirky entertainment like town criers, lookalikes and cheerleaders, there is no book on the rules of an engagement party….

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So where to begin? You’ve just got engaged; one of the happiest moments of your life, so of course you want to celebrate! An engagement party is a great way to get all your family and friends together to revel in the good news, the question is how? Do you want an intimate, chilled gathering or an all-out, music-blasting, dance-until-morning party? It all comes down to preference and budget. We have gathered some top tips and engagement party ideas to help you make a decision.

Our Top Five Engagement Party Themes

For people who love to celebrate an engagement party is a fabulous opportunity to think outside the box and plan a party that will have your guests talking about it for months afterwards!  We have a compiled a list of a few of our favourite unique and creative engagement party ideas…

  1. Go Glamorous – Throw a big party at a large venue with plenty of space for dancing, drinking and discussing your wedding plans! You can hire a live band to keep the dancefloor alive and everyone can dress up in their best attire.
  2. Camping in Style – Glamping is an increasingly popular way to celebrate for people who love the outdoors; you can hire some tents and have a party with a fire pit and music to re-create the fun and vibrant atmosphere of a festival with all your favourite people together. Plus, there is no need to worry about designated drivers or taxi’s to get home at the end of the night!
  3. Summer Fun – In the sunny seasons a picnic is a fabulous way of enjoying the hot weather. Hiring a chef or even just put together a spread of all your favourite food for your guests to enjoy, this theme is perfect for those couples who prefer a relaxed, low-key celebration.
  4. Movie Night – Indoors or outdoors; those films buffs will love the opportunity to celebrate and watch some of their favourite movies all in one! Combining the screenings with a hired popcorn machine and cinema-themed décor will make your party worthy of the big screen. You can even play some home videos of the happy couple if you really want to make them blush!
  5. Worldly Wonders – If you have always dreamt of travelling somewhere in particular why don’t you bring the country to you? Take a leaf from comedy-hit ‘Bridesmaids’ and get a taste of France with a Parisian themed party, hiring a violinist or string quartet to transport you to the famously romantic city. Alternatively if you both love the vibrant city of Rio we have some colourful Brazilian dancers who can put on an incredible show for you and your guests. Couple this up with themed décor and you will have an engagement party to remember.

Planning an Engagement Party

An engagement party is essentially a celebration of the both of you, so keep in mind when planning the event that this a chance to be a bit selfish and book that band you always wanted to or hire your favourite food truck that left a lasting impression, you obviously want to keep everyone happy but don’t be afraid to indulge in some things for yourself!

As with any party you need to consider the where and when of it all; so when do you want it? It is common for people to have an engagement party a few months after the proposal, this gives you time to plan and the guests enough notice to keep their schedules free. Although this all depends on the size of the party – something more intimate for example would take less time to plan and sort than a big formal occasion. Of course this is what we are here for! If you need help booking  engagement party entertainment or are looking for some engagement party ideas we can take some of this weight off your shoulders.

As for the where – again you need to think about the size of the party, how many people are you inviting and the vibe you want to create. For example a lavish, elegant party won’t suit the aesthetic of a small garden! Also be aware of your restrictions; if you have a small budget you may have to fit the party to the venue instead of vice versa.

This is also a perfect chance for friends and family from both sides to meet; they will certainly be seeing a lot of each other over the upcoming months with the upcoming nuptials! To get the drinks flowing and tongues wagging you want to create an atmosphere that will make all your guests feel at ease, this is a good time to think about how formal you want it to be.

Finally there’s the fun part: the theme. When planning your engagement party you will probably have an idea in mind of how you want it to look, it helps to have a general theme in mind so you can arrange décor and booking appropriate entertainment. So if you are a fan of all things Great Gatsby you could kit your party out with colourful floral arrangements and drinks on vintage serving trolleys, alongside hiring some talented dancers like the Gatsby Girls to really add some 1920’s flair. Let your imagination run wild!

Unique Engagement Party Entertainment

Those who want to make a lasting impression can hire some unique entertainment to make their engagement party truly memorable.  We have put together some types of performers that could give your engagement party that extra edge…

  1. Fortune Tellers – What better way to celebrate your future than with some spiritual guidance. You can hire a fortune teller to mingle with your guests and provide some insightful readings which will be a great talking point and get everyone interacting. A fortune teller is perfect if you are looking to do a boho theme.
  2. Mixologist – Hiring a mixologist is a great way of incorporating entertainment and drink; some will even work with you to create your own signature drink for the party!
  3. Lookalikes – To add some humour to your party you can book celebrity lookalikes to mingle with the guests and keep them guessing! Our charismatic lookalikes are great at creating dynamic and fun atmosphere.

More Wedding Entertainment

In addition we have many more fantastic wedding ideas and entertainment that you can hire, including; eccentric wedding food & drink stands, enthusiastic music bands, experienced wedding DJs, classical wedding musicians, dazzling wedding dancers and some hilarious mix & mingle entertainment. Have a look at our entire list of performers for hire by checking out our entertainment roster.

Contraband is one of the UK’s top entertainment agencies, we have kind and experienced account managers who we can guarantee will give you resourceful ideas, find the best entertainers for hire, and provide the finest deals possible. Contact us today to discuss booking some Engagement Party entertainment ideas & entertainers to hire, we can help make your Engagement Party an absolutely amazing memory.