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Personalised Event Mementos

Make your guests smile by giving them personalised event mementos. Event mementos are a great way of making your event memorable, showing your appreciation to them and brilliant for social media sharing!

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Personalised Event Mementos

After putting on a brilliant event you can completely nail it and give your guests a personalised event memento! What is an event memento? An event memento is an item given by the event host to remind the guest of that event. There are two types of an event memento – imperishable, for example a photograph of them at the event, or ephemeral, like turning your guests’ heads into delicious miniature chocolate replicas! Why give an event memento? An event memento is a great way to remind your guests of your special event. Also, it can be photographed and shared across social media. Why give a personalised event memento?…

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