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Chocolate Carvers, Personalised Chocolates & Instant Ice Cream

Experience the magic of personalised chocolates by Candy Mechanics! This pioneering live chocolate carving and instant ice-cream technique will amaze and astound your guests as they watch this process happen right in front of their eyes. Sweet delights perfect for all events!

Turn guests into chocolate
Amaze and astound your guests with Candy Mechanics live chocolate carving service that will turn guests’ heads into delicious miniature chocolate replicas. This immersive experience sees guests being 3D scanned and have their head magically carved out of chocolate, all in under five minutes. What’s funnier than seeing your head as a chocolate lollipop, the Candy Mechanics experience and final product creates a memorable event experience that is also instantly shareable.

Create branded chocolate pops
Make an impact with branded chocolates. The branded chocolates can be completed with personalised messages and designs. The chocolate pops can be made live in around 1 minute and are a cost-effective give-away that creates brand impact and is guaranteed to leave a tasty lasting impression.

Pre-mades and more
Create delectable personalised chocolates prior to any event, from chocolate heads to individually personalised chocolate cards or chocolate pops. These can all be designed with individual messages or names on each chocolate and finished with bespoke packaging. These are great for gift bags, event invitations, placemats and giveaways.

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Turn your guests into chocolate lollipops

Astound and delight guests with live chocolate carving & instant ice-cream

All products are created with ethically sourced, organic ingredients

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Here’s what Chocolate Carvers & Personalised Chocolates – Candy Mechanics’ clients said:

A true delight having Candy Mechanics at the Guardian’s Changing Media Summit 2017. Both us, our delegates and our speakers were highly impressed and we can’t wait to work with them again soon!
– Sophie Kinsella, The Guardian

Working with Candy Mechanics was a great opportunity to maximize the impact of our event. They helped us build a great atmosphere and the 3D chocolate heads got everyone excited. It was a sweet collaboration that we would recommend to everyone!
– Vlad Stanculescu, Vodafone

We were very happy with the service Candy Mechanics performed at all locations – certainly unique and a fantastic experience for O2’s customers to be a part of!
– Damian McCarthy, 02


Chocolate Carvers & Personalised Chocolates – Candy Mechanics’ previous clients:

Black Rock
Live Union
The Guardian
The New Scientist
Thomson Reuters
The Hilton

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