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Wedding Dance Entertainment Ideas & Hire

Searching for stunning Dance Entertainment ideas for your wedding? We have the best wedding dancers for hire from all the over the world including can can dancers, bollywood dancers, accomplished ballerinas… who can make your wedding extra special

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Hire / Book Dance Entertainment for your Wedding

Looking for some wedding dancers to liven up the room and amaze the guests? We have plenty of fabulous wedding dance entertainment to hire to dazzle your friends and family and get them in the dancing mood. From bewitching ballerinas to charming Can Can dancers, their energy and enthusiasm is contagious, the dance-floor will be filling up in no time!

There is lots of talented wedding dance entertainment to hire for your big day, to make it a truly magical experience just get in touch! We are practically bursting with wedding dance entertainment ideas and advice to ensure you can create a remarkable day to remember. We have gathered some brilliant tips and suggestions to get you on track…

Our Top Five Ideas for Dazzling Dancers
There is always the matter of which style of dance entertainment you want, are you looking for something traditional or a high energy performance? Do you want a large colourful group or maybe just a select few? We have thought of a few popular styles of dance to help you out when making the decision…

  1. Ballerinas – Their graceful and elegant form of dancing is often popular with traditional weddings.
  2. Ballroom – An enchanting style of dance, they will mesmerize the guests with their talent.
  3. Themed – Dancers from around the world, with famous styles such as Flamenco or Bollywood, this is a perfect choice for a themed wedding.
  4. Can Can – They are great if you want to add some fabulous fun and energy to your wedding.
  5. Swing – Another energetic choice, this popular 1920’s dance style can incite some vintage vitality on the dancefloor.

Alongside these there are plenty of other styles of dance entertainment to consider, if you are in need of wedding dance entertainment ideas just give us a call! We will be happy to give you advice for your wedding plans.

Why Hire Wedding Dance Entertainment?
You might be thinking why should I hire wedding dance entertainment? With the first dance and the guests doing most of the dancing you could be wondering what the point is. Well we have got five reasons why dance entertainment is the right way to go…

  1. Put on a show – if you are a fan of extravagance and dazzle you might want to hire some dance entertainment to add some exciting energy to the room. Seeing a fabulous dance show will definitely get guests in the mood to dance.
  2. Support – Maybe you have created a routine especially for the wedding and you need some back up, or even just want some supporting dancers to accompany your first dance and make the moment magical.
  3. Fit in with a theme – You might want some dancers as a reflection of the theme of your wedding, for example flamenco dancers for a sensational Spanish style wedding.
  4. Fun Interaction –You could hire wedding dance entertainment for humour, they could do a funny dance routine and also encourage the guests to get involved.
  5. Because you want to – It is your wedding, if you want dancers no need to justify it; get dancers!

There is probably an endless amount of reasons why you could book wedding dance entertainment, whether it’s for additional flair or just to keep your guests entertained until the next stage, they can contribute to making your big day extra special!

More Wedding Entertainment and Ideas
Furthermore we have some extraordinary wedding party entertainment to really make it a day to treasure; from fascinating wedding food and drink stands and professional wedding DJs to talented music bands, and fabulous mix & mingle entertainment. To see our complete list of performers for hire, check out our wide-ranging and exciting entertainment roster

We are one of the UK’s top entertainment agencies, with amicable, skilled account managers who guarantee you imaginative ideas, the best wedding dance entertainment for hire, and deals possible. Contact us today if would like to discuss booking wedding dance entertainment to hire, to make your wedding party an unforgettable day.

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