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This stunningly unique Chinese hand dance show has been seen all over the world and is one of the most amazing acts we have ever seen. The perfectly co-ordinated hand movements draw in the audience and leave them speechless. The Chinese Hand Dancers are all disabled and have been performing all over the globe. This dance show would be a good choice for international corporate events. These entertainers would make a dramatic impact at any event, and would make for great corporate entertainment. We are the only entertainment agency in the UK to represent the amazing Chinese Hand Dancers.

In Buddhism, 42 hands represent a thousand hands. Tai Lihua, a girl with hearing impairment and other 20 hearing impaired dancers stand on the lotus stage just like one person with a thousand hands. With kind expression in their eyes, varied postures of hands and saintly dance, the Chinese Hand Dancers perform the kindness of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva bringing you into a mood of nature-human integration. The Chinese Hand Dancers perform a visually stunning show that will never be forgotten.

Standard Length of Performance:

The performance lasts for 6 minute 9 seconds.

The Chinese Hand Dancers are available to perform in China and Internationally.

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Perfectly co-ordinated movements

Visually stunning

Will make a dramatic impact

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Here’s what Chinese Hand Dancers – Dance Show’s clients said:

“On behalf of the Central Committee of the Party and the State Council, I expressed my heartfelt wishes to performers and staff as well as all the disabled people and working staff for disabled people in China. You affected all the audience with your stirring and superb performances, amazing artistic creativity and persistent and indomitable spirits. You won honors for our country and our people. Our country and our people thank you all. I Hope that you all make persistent efforts and keep forging ahead to create more art treasures. Considering you as the example with the spirit of self-respect, self-confidence, self-improvement and self-support, I hope that the disabled people in China contribute themselves to the process of building an overall well-to-do society, strive to realize their value of life and create better life ceaselessly.”

President Hu Jintao

“I am so emotional that I am afraid I can not wait till the end of the Paralympics.”

Sir Philip Craven

“Your performances are excellent and touched each person’s heart.”

President Hu Jintao


Chinese Hand Dancers – Dance Show’s Technical Specification:

The stage needs to be at least 10m wide x 8m depth.

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