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Hire / Book Air Sculptors

We have some incredible air sculptors to hire for a truly atmospheric event, whether it is for a private or corporate event these talented air sculptord will make a great impression on your guests. Contact us to find out more about booking an air sculptor…

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Hire / Book Air Sculptors

If you’re looking to have an amazingly unique and immersive event you can hire air sculptors. These talented artists can create some fantastic installations that will have your guests awestruck and make your event a truly special experience.

What is an Air Sculptor?
These different and rare artists create their work in the air (as you may have guessed), using airflow and lightweight materials they produce pieces of art that seem suspended in the air and play on elements such as wind or gravity to make their artwork unique.

Hire Air Sculptors
If you hire an air sculptor we can promise your event will be like no other, with amazing productions that are sure to blow your guests away! Here are some of the brilliant air sculptors on our roster:

  • The air sculptor who worked on the Fog and Fire Tornadoes has used his unique talents on shows such as Jimmy Fallon and has employed his skills on the plays ‘Finding Neverland’ and ‘a Midsummer Nights Dream’ to great dramatic effect. The Fog and Fire Tornadoes are captivating shows that recreate the wild power of the natural phenomena using airflow technology and the elements of fog and fire.They would be well suited for a range of functions and make a great impact.
  • The Snow Sculpture Show would be a perfect source of interactive artistic entertainment to hire for all ages at a Christmas party or exhibition! This clever Air Sculpture show uses thousands of Styrofoam peanuts and fans to replicate the atmosphere of a snow dome, with the Styrofoam ‘snow’ being blown chaotically around the people inside the room for a truly interactive experience.
  • Pas De Deux’s Air Sculpture show is a beautiful demonstration of lightweight materials in air, the artist has created an elegant piece that looks like the fabric is dancing through the air which draws in the audience to this entrancing productions, it would be great for any corporate or private event that requires some mesmerising artistic entertainment.

You can hire air sculptors for all kinds of events, these installations will work as either the focal point of a corporate campaign which will catch people’s attention and draw them in, or even as a feature of a private party if you are looking for something different to amaze your guests.

Booking an Air Sculptor
With a fantastic variety of accomplished air sculptors on our books we are a top entertainment agency with accommodating, experienced account managers that can guarantee you some original air sculptor entertainment ideas and will dedicate their time to finding you some talented entertainers for hire. As booking agents for a huge selection of artistic entertainment to hire, we can recommend some unique and exciting artistic entertainment for your event.

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