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Hire / Book Avant-garde Entertainment

Watch one of our brilliant Avant-garde entertainers – the outrageous Prangsta:

Hire / Book Avant-garde Entertainment

Your guests will never forget your event if you book Avant-garde entertainment. Check out some of our Avant-garde entertainment ideas below, including stunningly costumed walkabout and stilt walking characters, experimental musicians, innovative food and drink and more…

What is the meaning of Avant-garde?
Originally Avant-garde is a French term, meaning in vanguard or advance guard (the part of an army that goes forward ahead of the rest). In art and performance, Avant-garde means something that is innovatory by introducing or exploring new forms.

Why book Avant-garde entertainment?
Concerned that Avant-garde entertainers could alienate your audience? Don’t be – embrace it! Booking Avant-garde entertainment is great for:

  • Unique entertainment – as often the costumes are bespoke and the performance has not been seen before
  • Challenging the audience which will make your event unforgettable
  • Social media photo sharing
  • Establishing your company as innovative and progressive

What are the characteristics of Avant-garde?
Avant-garde is a form of art, literature, performance or music that is enterprising and leading in its industry. It is widely regarded as a unique and often inspiring rejection of an existing state of affairs in favour of completely new and original aspects. The avant-garde movement seeks to challenge audiences by going against the norm.

When did Avant-garde art begin?
Avant-garde art is recognised as beginning in the 1850s with the realism of the French painter Gustave Courbet. This was followed by the successive movements of modern art, and the term avant-garde is more or less synonymous with modern art.

Contraband is a leading entertainment agency. We provide the best Avant-garde themed entertainers. Contact us to find the best Avant-garde themed entertainment for your event.

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