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Hire / Book Avant-garde Entertainment

Watch one of our brilliant Avant-garde entertainers – the outrageous Prangsta:

Hire / Book Avant-garde Entertainment

Your guests will never forget your event if you book Avant-garde entertainment. Check out some of our Avant-garde entertainment ideas below, including stunningly costumed walkabout and stilt walking characters, experimental musicians, innovative food and drink and more…

What is the meaning of Avant-garde?
Originally Avant-garde is a French term, meaning in vanguard or advance guard (the part of an army that goes forward ahead of the rest). In art and performance, Avant-garde means something that is innovatory by introducing or exploring new forms.

Why book Avant-garde entertainment?
Concerned that Avant-garde entertainers could alienate your audience? Don’t be – embrace it! Booking Avant-garde entertainment is great for:

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