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Ice Cream Buggy

Capable of making custom ice cream creations for up to 2000 people and with a top speed of 6 miles an hour, this is the World’s first nitro ice cream buggy.

The ice cream buggy can run indoors and outdoors, it’s entirely self-sufficient and the whole thing fits in the back of their van. The ice cream buggy is waiting to make delicious amazing ice cream – It literally cannot wait.

Ice Cream Flavours: From salted caramel cookie cupcakes to dark port and stilton, they really can produce any flavour of ice cream for your event. And once they are there, your guests get to eat as much ice cream as they want until they explode. All ice cream creations are made instantly right in front of your clients using only the highest quality ingredients.

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The World’s first nitro ice cream buggy

The buggy can run indoors and outdoors

Custom creations made for up to 2000 people

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Here’s what Nitro Ice Cream Buggy’s clients said:

Just wanted to extend our thanks for coming along on Friday – everyone had such a great day and they LOVED the ice cream. Thank you again for making a very special Golf Day for us, it was a great memory for an old colleague and the ice cream was the icing on the cake.
Land Securities

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