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Hire / Book Specialist & Character Musicians

You can hire specialist musicians to give you a unique and engaging performance at your event. These fantastic specialist and character musicians will make any occasion special. For more information about hiring specialist musicians just give us a call…

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The Boot Scraping Band seek to elevate the performance from a ground-based level, quite radical, they are sure you’ll agree

Hire / Book Specialist & Character Musicians

If you want an event that will stand out for it’s engaging and exceptional entertainment, then hire specialist musicians! Each of the specialist musicians on our roster have a unique instrument or approach to music that makes them like no other. They are sure to give your event that extra edge and exclusivity that will make the day truly memorable. Whether you want to hire specialist musicians for a musical rendition from the skies with an aerialist violinist or are after a medieval musician to recreate some traditional music for a themed event, you can hire specialist musicians from our extensive roster.

What is a Specialist Musician?
Specialist musicians are musicians who are highly skilled or trained in a particular type of instrument or style which is unique or rare. This means they may be well versed in the sounds of a certain historic era or able to play an instrument such as a Kora which is not very common. There are also character musicians who immerse themselves in the culture or visuals of their chosen style or instrument, either putting on a whole new persona or wearing appropriate outfits to reflect it.

Did You Know? – Glass Harpists use wine glasses to create their music, the glasses are filled with water to achieve the desired pitch then the player runs moistened or chalked fingers round the glass rims to make the sounds.

Hire Specialist Musicians on our Books
With a diverse and exciting roster of talented musicians if you would like to hire specialist musicians you are sure to find the perfect one to suit your event. We have a comprehensive range of specialist musicians to hire. With everything from percussionists who use recycled materials in a style reminiscent of the musical Stomp, to musicians playing in a bubble, to interactive sound installations where the environment is transformed into an immersive musical landscape.

These fascinating and original specialist musicians bring something entirely new and unexpected to your event. If you are looking to hire specialist musicians you can choose from a dynamic variety on our books, including the likes of:

  • Hire specialist musician Dream: This accomplished violinist plays music up in the air for an atmospheric and elegant performance that will have everyone looking up in amazement.
  • Hire specialist musician Kadialy: This acclaimed Madinka Kora player has received a wealth of praise for his engaging and hypnotising performances that prove to be unforgettable entertainment.
  • Hire specialist musicians Junk: Combining comedy and music while skillfully playing instruments created from items found in a junkyard, this charismatic band put on a show to remember that always goes down a storm.

Hire Specialist Musicians
You can hire specialist musicians that will help make your event exceptional, with the unique collection of musicians on our roster you can find one who will compliment the style or theme and put on an outstanding performance. As a top entertainment booking agency, we have the experience and knowledge to recommend a suitable act for your event. Just get in touch and our amiable account managers will help you book a specialist musician that will be a hit with all your guests.

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