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New Act Applications

New Acts Application
If you’d like to submit a new act for CONSIDERATION, please provide your details in the form below. If we are interested in your act our Web Editor will get back to you with a Profile Registration Form. Due to the amount we receive we are unable to respond to everyone – if you have not heard back from us within 14 days then unfortunately it was not successful at this time. If you are successful please note unless you provide a BIO with more than 350 words – we are sorry,  we CANNOT add you to our site.

Help us to help you! Our top tips for creating a great act profile:

When we host your profile, on our site (for FREE!), there are two ways potential clients can get to your wonderful act profile:
• On our site, via a relevant act category page (listing all acts within your featured act category)
• Or via google, which has indexed your Contraband profile page

There are great benefits for you writing a really comprehensive profile, for:
Onsite Users:
• by convincing the potential client your act is the best for their occasion, you can increase your booking enquiries
• Google loves content, so the better your content is, the greater possibility your profile will rank higher in google & you will receive more eyeballs
• On arriving on your profile, if the visitor is not convinced by your content, it is most likely you will loose them, as they browse other similar acts
• Your profile on our site will enhance your marketing reach & brand awareness for FREE! And, potentially increase your revenue!

Profile recommendations:
About section
Stand out from the crowd! Jump into the shoes of a potential client – imagine you are going to book your act category for a really special occasion – you have arrived at our act category results page and there are ten acts to choose from… write comprehensively about your fabulous act, which would make a client choose you!
• Word limit: none! But hugely recommended, at least 350 words
• Mention your act name and act category several times

Clients, Testimonials, Previous Clients, Repertoire…
• Providing this info can help persuade someone to book your slick act!

Images & videos
• Plenty of high quality slick images & videos can encourage a potential client to make a booking enquiry and can also encourage social media shares (again, enhancing your market reach)

An example of a slick profile: Michael Buble Tribute Act

Wishing you good luck with your profile!