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For an event filled with awe and amazement hire an escapologist to entertain your guests. The intriguing talents of the excellent escapologists on our books will keep any audience transfixed as they watch them break free. Give us a call to find out more about hiring an escapologist…

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Amazing Chris Cross Escapologist

Hire / Book an Escapologist

Hire an escapologist if you’re looking to amaze your guests with some unique and engaging entertainment. Escapologists are a brilliant act for all ages, drumming up the tension with a charismatic performance as they work their way out of a tricky situation, whether it’s breaking free of a straitjacket or chains they are sure to stun their audience. Excellent entertainment whatever the occasion, hiring an escapologist brings something totally unique and exciting into the mix for everyone to enjoy.

What is an Escapologist?
An escapologist is a performer who is skilled at freeing themselves from restraints such as chains, straitjackets and ropes. Escapologists may also entertain the crowds by getting out of confinement like cages or coffins. To put it simply they are experts at escape.

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