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Hire / Book Sports Shows

Check out our remarkable roster of awe-inspiring sports shows, with sensational sports performers who show off their skills in everything from basketball and bicycle stunts to rugby and rope skipping. These sports shows will wow the guests at any private or corporate function. Find out more about booking a sports show…

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Air Gravity – Gymnastic Trampoline show

Hire / Book Sport Shows

You will watch in fascination as these immensely talented athletes put their skills to the test, hire a sports show to impress your guests and give them an unforgettable experience. Our brilliant range of sports shows to hire will get your adrenaline pumping, with sports professionals in every field from synchronised swimming to acrobatic basketball they will blow you away with what they are capable of. Just take the plunge and hire a sports show with us!

Sensational Sports Shows on our Books
Our comprehensive roster of superb sports shows to hire means that you are sure to find the perfect one for your event. Their awe-inspiring stunts and tricks are sure to make a big impression on your guests, perhaps even inspiring their own foray into the sport. If you want to hire a sports show to add some wow factor your event we have plenty to choose from, including:

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  • No Gravity – This BMX stunt team deliver spectacular freestyle shows that will have your guests on the edge of their seats, great as a dose of adrenaline spiking entertainment they will make your event one to remember.
  • Aquabatix – As the worlds leading synchronised swimmers, this sports show put on an engrossing performance with exceptional grace and elegance. They are literally the best in the business at putting on an unforgettable act.
  • Dunking Devils – This highly experienced team know how to thrill the crowds, putting on an unrivalled acrobatic basketball sports show filled with incredible tricks and stunts that will have you transfixed.

Types of Sports Shows
The sports show is a magnetic performance from athletes showing off their envious skills for your enjoyment. A pleasure to watch these dynamic shows stem from all kinds of sports, revealing some of the technical skill and strength that goes into being an athlete. Looking for a particular sport? The wide-ranging sports shows on our books cover all areas, here are a few types of sport where you can book a sports show:

  • Football – After seeing the brilliant tricks done by professional footballers in various adverts, the desire to see these skills up close launched a demand for footballer freestyler entertainment. One of the world experts in this field is Andrew who is available to book with us!
  • BMX – These professional teams perform jaw-dropping stunts that have your heart pumping out of your chest, reaching exciting heights and accomplishing death-defying tricks this is a type of sport show that always delivers.
  • Basketball – An exhilarating sports show, a basketball performance team can achieve unbelievable leaps and make the basket every time. This kind of show is perfect for all audiences not just fans of the sport.

Booking a Sports Show
If you want to hire a extraordinary sports show we are more than happy to help with any enquiries. As an expert entertainment booking agency we have the experience and connections to assist you with choosing the best sports show for your special occasion, whether it is a corporate or private event our brilliant account managers will recommend the right one to amaze your guests. Just get in touch and we would be delighted to help you hire a sports show that will make the event a true success.


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