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Urban Sports Show

Freestylemasters is a complete Urban Sports Show including sports like trampoline, trial bike, scooter, jump rope, unicycle, beatbox and BMX all combined. What makes it unique is that the BMX will jump over the trampoline, the trial bike is skipping in the ropes, the jump rope guys will also skip with the rope in the trampoline. These combinations make the show to stand-out.

The Urban Sports Show has cool interactions that you have not seen before between the artists and audience. The show is brand new but the artists performed with their solo acts already worldwide including the Olympic Games in London and the Airshow in Bahrain. To make it more attractive for events they also offer the possibility for sponsors to brand the stage and artists. The Urban Sports Show is cool concept and on top of that, they are able to offer some workshops after the show to learn all the cool tricks.

During the Urban Sports Show there is choreography including audience interaction where the audience have the opportunity to skip in the double dutch ropes or they are asked to lay-down on the ramp when a BMX will flip over them, it’s very spectacular. After the Urban Sports Show there is also the possibility for a photoshoot together with the performers and the time for clinics.

In the Urban Sports clinics kids can learn all the skills from our high-performance athletes. Special BMX skills, cool criss crosses in a skipping rope, full twist in the big trampoline, riding a freestyle unicycle or even learn how to beatbox. It’s really a total package and if you include a sponsor, you have the option to brand the set-up with your logo’s. The Freestylemasters’ Urban Sports Show is a street crow-puller!

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Consists of professional artists who have previously performed solo acts at the Olympic Games in London and the Airshow in Bahrain

featuring trial bikes, scooters, unicycles, BMXers, beatboxers…

Offer workshops after the urban sports show to learn all the cool tricks displayed

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