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Hire / Book Snake Dancers

Hire snake dancers for a one of a kind of event, with charm and sensuality these snake dancers will captivate the crowds. We have excellent snake dancers with extensive experience and training that make their acts special. To learn more about hiring snake dancers give us a call…

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Shahara – Snake & Belly Dancer

Hire / Book Snake Dancers

An exceptionally mesmerising and unique experience for all, if you hire snake dancers you can be sure your event will be a big success. These enchanting snake dancers offer up a performance like no other that is full of spirit and seduction, intertwining their movements with the snake’s movements for a fully synchronised and spellbinding result. The combination of dance and drama with the presence of a snake will transfix your guests. If you are looking to hire snake dancers we have an amazing variety of talented performers that always deliver a memorable performance.

What is a Snake Dancer?
The mystique and symbolism surrounding snakes means that they have been used in performances for many years, with some religions seeing them as symbols of wisdom and sensuality while others associate them with death and sin. One of the first times snake dancing was performed was in Ancient Greece where worshippers of Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility, would dance with snakes for religious celebrations and practices. A snake dancer and their snake are seen as a partnership rather than a dancer and their prop, the choreography is often improvised as the snake’s movements cannot be predicted. When you hire snake dancers you will be promised a sensual and dramatic performance that is designed to captivate.

Hire Snake Dancers on our Books
If you want to hire snake dancers, we have an incredible selection of dynamic performers that can put on an unforgettable show rich with drama and sensuality. These snake dancers are complete professionals who have an established bond with their snakes which makes for a fascinating and engaging performance. You can hire snake dancers either for an intimate private event with a small audience or to leave your guests speechless at a grander corporate event, they always deliver an outstanding show that everyone will love. Here are a few of the sensational snake dancers to hire on our roster:

  • Hire snake dancer Shahara – An inspired and unique performer, snake dancer Shahara has extensive experience as a belly dancer and has incorporated her snake into her act for extra flair and enchantment. She has performed around the world on television and for royalty, wowing her audience with her skill and creativity.
  • Hire snake dancer Solaris – This accomplished dancer has worked with snakes for many years, either dancing or providing a meet & greet experience, this immersive style makes her a hit at every event. Providing bespoke performances that always impress, Solaris is a magnetic snake dancer.
  • Hire snake dancers Tory & James – This rare duo of snake dancers makes for exciting entertainment. With an array of vibrant costumes and exceptional routines that ensure everyone’s attention is on them, this pair offer their audience an experience like no other.

Hire Snake Dancers
To hire snake dancers for your special occasion will be a fantastic decision, whether you’re looking to compliment your Arabian nights theme with some equally engrossing entertainment or want to wow the crowds at a corporate event we have an outstanding variety of remarkable snake dancers to hire. As a leading entertainment booking agency we understand the pressure of putting on a great event, our amicable and enthusiastic account managers ensure you hire snake dancers that are perfect for your celebration and can give you expert advice and recommendations. To hire snake dancers just give us a call or get in touch and we would be delighted to help you find a snake dancer that will make the event unmissable.

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