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Hire / Book Meet & Greet Entertainment

Welcome your guests with our fabulous meet and greet entertainment – our entertainers will warmly meet and greet your guests, giving a great first impression at your event. Check out our extensive roster of meet and greet entertainers…

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Hire / Book Meet & Greet Entertainment

Welcome your guests to your event the right way and hire meet & greet entertainment to make a fabulous first impression. Our brilliant meet & greet entertainment makes each guest feel special as they arrive, introducing them to the occasion with added flair and charisma that is sure to engage and excite. If you are looking to hire meet & greet entertainment you are truly spoilt for choice with our dynamic variety of performers on our roster.

What is Meet & Greet Entertainment?
Meet and greet entertainment are performers and acts that can help to introduce any guests to your event. Whether it’s stationed at the entrance or mingling with the crowds they can interact with all the attendees making them feel welcome and interested from the very start.

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Types of Meet & Greet Entertainment
There are various styles of meet and greet entertainment to hire, each one working effectively as a way to draw in the crowds and either inform them about the event proceedings or just incite some curiosity. This helps to engage the guests and is also a perfect ice breaker. Here are a few of the different types of popular meet and greet entertainment you can hire…

  • Traditional – This refers to a more straightforward style of meet and greet that will be a familiar sight at many events, for example hostesses, hosts, usherettes and ushers.
  • Interactive – It may be a fascinating tribute act or a bright and friendly walkabout performer, interactive entertainment encourages guests to communicate and get involved with the occasion.
  • Visual – From human statues to stilt walkers, this meet & greet entertainment use their striking appearance and costumes to attract guests, able to direct them or give them a surprise as they arrive.

Corporate Meet and Greet Entertainment
When you hire meet & greet entertainment it is important to consider what kind of event you are putting on. There are a wide range of different corporate events but it is always essential to make a brilliant impression on any guests as the event will be reflection of your company. Some performers that are perfect for corporate events are aerial silk acts or human statues. These are both engrossing, elegant and entertaining and can portray your company well whether you are after some humour with a living statue surprise or a breathtaking display when it comes to aerial acts.

Wedding Meet and Greet Entertainment
You can hire meet and greet entertainment for your big day! Whether they’re helping to direct guests or providing the perfect photo opportunity, these performers can help to keep the important day running smoothly, keeping the attendees in high spirits as they enter the venue. Some meet and greet entertainment that is suited for a wedding include stilt walkers, ballerinas or even fire performers for that extra edge as the evening celebrations begin.

Event Meet and Greet Entertainment
If you are looking to hire meet and greet entertainment for an event such as an award ceremony, gala dinner or just a large-scale party, we have everything you need to ensure the function is a memorable one. From a mariachi band to vintage dancers to disco ball heads, they can help capture some glitz and welcome your guests with enthusiasm and cheer, setting the mood for the night.

Hire Meet and Greet Entertainment
Make sure your guests feel welcome as soon as they step through the door and hire meet and greet entertainment. This is a special and unique way of introducing guests to your event, with the meet and greet entertainment serving as a dynamic way of bringing any newcomers into the fold. As a top entertainment booking agent, we are passionate about providing entertainment that will compliment your event. Our friendly and knowledgeable account managers are on hand to help you choose the perfect meet and greet entertainment to hire, recommending the act that will fit in seamlessly at the occasion. If you want to hire meet and greet entertainment all you need to do is give us a call or get in touch, we would be delighted to discuss any bookings with you and assist with putting on an incredible event.


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