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Conference Facilitator Hire. Looking for conference entertainment? Check below, our roster of entertaining conference facilitators.

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Book / Hire Conference Facilitators & Conference Entertainment

If you are looking for conference entertainment, we have entertaining professional celebrities to be your conference facilitator. We have a wide range of conference speakers from many different disciplines and they are a brilliant source of conference entertainment. Our impressive roster of conference facilitators include Jeremy Vine, Jon Snow, Kirsty Young… Indeed our celebrity conference facilitators are well known in many fields such as TV, current affairs, entrepreneurship and lots more. If you hire a conference facilitator your event or meeting will only be improved by their entertainment.

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If you’re unsure of the right conference facilitators to hire or just want to know a little more about having one at your event, we can help! Our team have some great conference facilitator ideas and advice to give you and we have compiled a few tips and tricks to get you started.

What is the difference between a conference facilitator and a conference moderator?
First things first is clearing up the role of a conference facilitator; as this is commonly confused with a moderator we thought it would be best to set the record straight so you can hire the perfect conference facilitator for your event. Here we have highlighted some of the differences between the two positions.

  • Moderate or Facilitate – The clue is in the title, a moderator will set a limit on proceedings, making sure it is within the limits and kept on point. Whereas a facilitator will encourage further discussion and to keep everyone talking.
  • Active or Passive – A facilitator will take a much more active role than a moderator; where a moderator would be a lot more invisible at monitoring the flow of the event, a facilitator would be more hands on at making sure everything stays on track.
  • Authoritative or Informative – Another aspect of a facilitator is the control, their presence will ensure that everyone contributes to a beneficial and inclusive conversation whereas a moderator will have a more provisional role; offering up information but not having complete control over the proceedings.

Overall a conference facilitator is more of a visible leader, whereas a moderator offers more guidance from a less central role, though remains important to the success of the event. If you are looking to hire conference facilitators then we have lots of skilled and talented people on our books, from Rachel Riley to Jon Snow, there a plenty to choose from, just give us a call!

More Conference Entertainment Ideas
We have so much more amazing conference entertainment ideas and acts for you to consider to really make your event an absolute success and memorable experience for everybody. Our brilliant conference entertainers will be a great addition to any conference; from remarkable after dinner speakers and funny walkabout characters, magical tricksters to insightful fortune tellers. Check out our conference entertainment for hire.

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We are one of the UK’s top entertainment agencies and corporate entertainment specialists. With our experienced and outgoing account managers we can get some fantastic deals and some great conference facilitators to hire. Contact us today and we can help you choose the best facilitator to make your conference run smoothly!


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