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Hire String Quartets & Musicians

Hire string quartets or string musicians and provide elegance & style to your special occasion. Our roster is bursting with gifted string musicians for hire including harpists, cellists, string duos…

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Hire / Book String Musicians

Hire string musicians with Contraband! String musicians are an extremely popular choice to hire for weddings. String quartets are popularly booked to play during the wedding ceremony and during the drinks reception. String quartet hire usually comprises two violin players, a viola player and cellist. You can hire string quartets & string musicians of all kinds to make sure your event is a spectacular occasion. From violinists and cellists to string quartets, these enchanting performers will conjure up a magical atmosphere that will really set the scene for a memorable event. Whether you’re looking to hire string musicians to play in attendees with some spellbinding music at an awards show or would like some unique contemporary string covers to excite the crowds for a celebration we have the string musicians for you.

What is a String Musician?
The term string musician can apply to everything from a guitarist or violinist to a harpist, cellist or uekele. This group of string instruments are often referred to as the string family and are known to be the largest section in an orchestra. Often associated with more traditional styles of music creation revolutionists in the industry, such as the popular electric violinists, means that the string musicians embrace both classical and contemporary compositions.

Did You Know? – Violin bows are said to contain over 150 hairs, made out of a variety of materials such as horse hair and nylon.

What are the Different Types of String Instruments
To help you get a feel of which string musician to hire it is important to know the various styles available. This will allow you to hire string musicians that are best suited to your event and will have the desired effect on the audience that you want. The popular forms of string musicians include:

  • Violinist – Capable of performing a haunting melody or covering a pop song, violins are the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the string family. We have a remarkable selection of acoustic and electric violinists available to hire.
  • Cellists – Typically use to play bass in an ensemble because of its low pitch, the cello is the second biggest instrument in the string family after the double bass.
  • Harpists – A beautiful instrument commonly associated with enchanting music, the harp conveys elegance and refinement. Coming in a range of sizes, harps can play a variety of compositions. For more about harpists visit their page.
  • Guitarists – Guitars can come in all shapes and sizes, whether its traditional, classic, electric or bass they are one of the most prominent instruments in the music industry, being used a vast variety of genres. Here are some of the excellent guitarists on our books.

Hire String Musicians on our Books
If you hire string musicians you are sure to make it an unforgettable experience for all your guests. String musicians can create an amazing atmosphere that will immerse your guests in beautiful music as they take in your event, whether you want something modern and lively or a more classic and melodic style, our exceptional string musicians to hire can deliver the performance you’re after. If you would like to hire string musicians, take a look at some of the amazing artists on our roster:

  • Hire string trio Riot Unplugged – This trio combine vocals, guitar and bass to cover some classic indie and rock hits. Travelling around Europe performing at festivals and gigs these string musicians inject some spirit into any event with their charisma and musical talent.
  • Hire string quartet Amadeus – An electric string quartet from Romania, these four exceptional string musicians have captivated crowds at film premieres, weddings, launch parties and corporate events.
  • Hire string musician Roxy – An innovative and versatile performer, this string musician has worked with top celebrities such as Labrinth, Cher Lloyd and Kimberly Walsh, lending her impressive skills to their performances.

Hire String Quartets & String Musicians
If you are looking to hire a string quartet or string musicians we have some of the leading acts in the business, each with their own unique attributes that make them one of a kind. Tailoring their performances to suit your event they engage all their audience with expert song covers and astounding skill. As a top entertainment booking agency we love to help put on unforgettable events, and if you want to hire string musicians through us we would be delighted to give you any recommendations or advice your require. Just get in touch and our passionate and knowledgeable account managers will work with you to ensure you event is a triumph.

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