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Anna – Musical Aerial Rope | UK

Anna is a passionate and dedicated rope and unicycle performer who if full of enthusiasm and joy for her work translating into a hugely enjoyable performance for audiences.

Her acts stand out with her original ideas and a high level of technical skill. Anna has performed in a variety of contexts both as a solo performer and as part of an ensemble. She has the flexibility to adapt her skills to any site and can tailor performances for all types of events and shows.

Anna is continuously grateful to be able to work in the profession of her dreams and so she is always working hard to keep her act new, fresh and up to date.

Acts Available Include:

One Octave Higher (Rope)

This act mixes live music and aerial artistry in a highly original way. Anna plays a piece of klezmer music on the violin while performing on the rope at the same time. She is accompanied by the live accordion music of Paul Tkachenko and this mix of two skills is truly unique and compelling to watch.

This act requires musical accompaniment who can either be supplied or incorporated with a musician already involved with the event. The music of the piece can also be adapted to suit the clients’ personal wishes.

The length for this act is 6 minutes.

Twist Out (Rope)

A rope act in which body and rope are moving around each other. The choreography evolves out of the changing dynamics and fluent transitions, which are, in a kaleidoscopic way, consistently creating new images.

Length for this act is 5 minutes.

Good Morning (Rope)

A scene taken from everyday life on the rope: Sleeping and waking up, getting dressed, having a coffee and running to work. The act is performed with an air similar to that of a silent movie and is accompanied by a piece of klezmer music. ‘Good Morning’ begins at a sleepy pace and builds up to a frantic and energetic ending.

The length of this act is 6 minutes.

Monkey Trap (Rope)

An original mix of aerial artistry and physical theatre on the rope. This act tells the story of a monkey who gets caught in a trap and his break for freedom. A very exciting piece that will lead you through a range of emotions and shows the unique use of a cage on the rope.

The length for this act is 7.5 minutes.

Hang About: Music in the Air (rope)

Melodies on the violin are played high up on the rope. A very original hang about act that can be performed with different costumes and music styles to make it fit to your personal event.

The length of this act is 20 minutes.

Hot ‘n’ Roll (Unicycle)

Taking off your trousers on a unicycle seems impossible but in this act you can see it happen while combined with high level unicycle tricks.

The length of this act is 4.5 minutes.

A Little Unicycle Story (Unicycle)

This is a double unicycle act from Ina and Anna. The 2 performers are competing which each other, trying to pull the audiences attention on themselves and away from their partner which finally leads them to stripping on the unicycle. The act finishes with both girls performing acrobalance together on only one unicycle.

The length for this act is 7 minutes.


All I Want For Christmas Is You – A cheerful rope act, performed as a Christmas Angel, with gold glitter raining from high. This creates a bright and joyful atmosphere.

Length for this act is 6.5 minutes.

Walk Act: Christmas Music In The Air – Christmas songs are played high up on the rope. A beautiful picture is created through the combination of the use of an angel costume, the violin and a highly original position in the air.

The length of this act is 20 minutes.

Several acts can be booked together as a package, and can be performed several times a day.


“Anna’s work is fantastic. Every time I work with her she is highly motivated and a very professional worker. She is a pleasure to work with and always produces high quality work.”
– Private Client

“Thank you Anna for making all my dreams of this show become true.”
– Private Client

Previous Clients Include:

GOP Varieté
Pendle Productions
Musical Circus Project
Emmen Centre
The Dead Victorian
Arte Simulacro
The Brickouse
Art de la Rue

Photos of Anna