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Get some fabulous food and drink wherever you fancy and hire mobile catering to set up shop at your venue of choice. Our brilliant mobile catering services will have everyone queuing up for more. Just give us a call to find out more about hiring mobile catering services…

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The Beetle Bar’s Mobile Cocktail Bar

Hire Mobile Catering

For exclusive service and delicious food at your event you can hire mobile catering to please your guests. We have an excellent range of mobile catering on our roster, with everything from cocktails from a vintage van to a cavalcade of tasty treats served from tricycles, they can come to your venue and deliver a friendly service that will brighten up any occasion. If you hire mobile catering you are sure to have an event to remember, whether it’s a hearty meal, delightful dessert or simply a bar providing some creative cocktails, these various types of mobile catering are sure to be a hit at your event.

What is Mobile Catering?
Mobile Catering is recognised as the act of selling prepared food or drink from a vehicle and is often referred to as street food. Mobile Catering can offer anything from burgers to paella to raclette. Each mobile caterer specialises in a certain style of food and drink and making it in a prompt way. Mobile catering has become especially popular in a number of cities. You may see mobile catering at festivals or other events, especially outdoor, that require a food or drink source for their guests.

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Did You Know? – Mobile Catering is often also used in natural disasters in areas where most structures have been destroyed, organisations such as the Salvation Army have a variety of mobile kitchens that they can use on these occasions.

Hire Mobile Catering from our Books
If you are looking to hire mobile catering, then we have an extensive roster from which you can choose the perfect food or drink service that will give your guests a wonderfully delicious experience. Whether you have a theme in mind that needs some fantastic food to match or want to make sure everyone has a good time at your wedding with a vibrant cocktail van, we have a brilliant array of food and drink mobile catering to hire. Indulge your guests and hire mobile catering to serve up some delectable delicacies at your special occasion, here are just a few of the mobile catering services we have on our roster:

  • Hire Mobile Catering Delivita – With experience at a whole host of events this team conjure up some remarkable wood-fired pizza in a van that is authentically Italian and high-quality, sure to draw in the guests with their wide range of flavours.
  • Hire Mobile Catering The Fabulous Fizz Bar – Serving drinks from a trendy vintage van this team offer a variety of beverages including wine, cocktails, champagne and prosecco. This striking bar will not only look great at your event but will be sure to go down a storm with your guests.
  • Hire Mobile Catering Popcorn Tricycle – A perfect option if you’re looking to throw a movie-themed event or do an outdoor film showing, popcorn will satisfy your guests with the option of sweet or salted to make sure everyone is happy.

Hire Mobile Catering
To put on an event that will delight your guests and never let them go hungry, you can hire mobile catering. The overwhelming popularity of this form of catering shows that it is the perfect option when you’re after something flexible and reliable wherever your event may be, you can even hire multiple services to spoil your guests with a plethora of choices. If you would like to hire mobile catering we can definitely help; as a top entertainment booking agency we know the importance of tasty, dependable catering at your event and can recommend the mobile catering service that will suit your occasion. Just give us a call and our amiable account managers will be delighted to help you hire mobile catering that will make an excellent impression at your event.


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