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Gourmet Hot Dogs

Big Apple Hot Dogs are hand-made in London using only natural casings and quality ingredients, their dogs are 94-98% meat (and gluten-free) so youll get none of the nasty bits youll find in other sausages. They use free-range pork, prime beef and their amazing buns come fresh from the ovens of their local family bakers. These hot dogs can be served at corporate events and private functions.

The Hot Dogs

The Huge Pole
8 inches of a magnificent pork & beef blend. Seasoned with sage, mace and cayenne pepper, this big fella will satisfy the hungriest stomachs around. Be sure to book an after-lunch nap.

The Big Dog
A coarsely ground blend of pork and beef, our signature sausage is seasoned with marjoram, garlic and black pepper before being double-smoked over German beech wood. Big enough to keep even Westwood quiet.

The Big Steak
All beef, and all tasty, The Pimp Steak smacks you in the kisser with a healthy punch of garlic, paprika and black pepper. Once weve pimped your dog, youll never look back.

The Big Frank
Our extra-large gourmet frankfurter is a real mouthful. 100% pork, oak smoked and seasoned with paprika, nutmeg and black pepper, we think its the best tasting frank this side of the pond.

The Frank Jr
Like his dad, Frank Jr is a 100% pork, oak smoked Frankfurter seasoned with paprika, nutmeg and black pepper, hes just a bit smaller. But dont mention it, or hell get a complex.

The Toppings
Top your dog with Desiréed onions fried in butter, thyme and black pepper. Round it all off with our specially selected Polish sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers and a wide variety of mustards and relishes.

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Use only natural casings and quality ingredients

Have a variety of hot dogs to choose from

Use free-range pork & prime beef

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