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Pianists For Hire

Hire a pianist to fill your venue with magnetic music. Our expert pianists available to hire for weddings or any event are accomplished piano players whose musical prowess is prefect for your wedding or event.

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Tara is one of the most in demand pianists on the London scene and is available for hire

Hire Pianists

If you hire pianists you will entertain your guests with the sensational and engrossing music. Capable of charming guests with slow bewitching tunes or covering a contemporary song with lively, charismatic performances, these pianists are some of the best in the business at creating the perfect atmosphere to suit your event. The variety and flexibility of a pianist got hire makes them an excellent addition to all kinds of events, whether you want to hire pianists to execute a classic piece perfectly or put a charismatic twist on your favourite pop song you are sure to find the perfect pianists to meet your requirements on our books.

What is a Pianist?
The term pianist is used to describe someone who plays the piano, usually to a professional level. There are pianists in a wide range of genres but most predominately classical, jazz and pop music. The versatility of a pianist means that they often have an extensive repertoire in multiple styles of music. It is believed that pianos were created around the year 1700, over time the types of piano have expanded to include electric pianos which tend to be used more for contemporary music as opposed to classical.

What is the Difference Between a Hiring a Pianist or Keyboardist?
Although a keyboard is essentially a digital version of a piano there are a number of differences that distinguish a Pianist from a Keyboardist. Where keyboards are more suited to produce a wide range of sounds including other instruments, a piano is solely used for piano sounds, this means a keyboardist is more suited if you want to produce a wide variety of sounds and more modern style but if you’re after a more traditional and acoustic sound a pianist is usually preferred. A keyboard will more likely produce a more artificial sound, with less keys and also does not have the authentic resonance you will find with a classical piano.

Did You Know? – A piano is made up of 7500 working parts.

Hire Pianists on our Books
If you’re looking for a dose of talent, magic and mesmerizing music then hire pianists. These expert pianists can deliver unforgettable performances that will draw in the crowds. Whether you want to hire pianists to provide some inspiring and enjoyable music to welcome your guests or are after a more high-tempo and gripping tune to keep them captivated; we know the best pianists for your special occasion. With everything from pianists accompanied by vocalists to a dynamic piano band, we have no shortage of amazing pianists to choose from. Here are a few of the pianists to hire on our roster:

  • Hire Pianists Duelling Pianos – This fantastic piano band offer up a unique kind of entertainment that will get everyone involved as you sing along to some classics or request your favourites, for a celebration to remember.
  • Hire Pianist Christina – An award-winning pianist, Christina only further compliments her playing with some stunning vocals. She has also worked with leading musicians and artists such Florence and the Machine and Example, proving her musical prowess as both an instrumentalist and singer.
  • Hire Pianist Rosey – A spectacular pianist, Rosey’s passion for performing shines through in her spellbinding music. She has also collaborated with many other types of performers and drawn inspiration from various art forms to create her distinctive sound.

Hire Pianists
To hire a pianist for your event will make for a sensational occasion, performing bespoke repertoires or even composing their own music these exceptional pianists will truly amaze your guests. As a leading entertainment booking agency, we understand the importance of hiring the perfect pianist to fit in seamlessly with your event whilst also performing an outstanding piece that will leave a sparkling impression. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly account managers can give you some great advice and recommendations, just get in touch and we will help you hire a pianist for a remarkable event.

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