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Pianist & Vocalist – Germany & International

Ann-Helena is an amazing pianist and vocalist, and has played at many master classes, festivals and concerts, in Italy, Poland, USA, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden with Prof. Weißenberg, Berman, Gililov, Margulis and Kämmerling. Ann-Helena is one of the best pianists in Europe, and perfect for making a big impact at corporate events and private functions.

Ann-Helena won first prize in many piano competitions in Germany and abroad: Steinway Piano Competition Hamburg, Nürnberg Piano Competition, Robert Schumann Piano Competition Zwickau, Prizewinner Bundes Competition Osnabrück, International Concerto Competition MasterWorks Festival London. Tschaikowsky Piano Concerto with Jenaer Philharmoniker, Schumann Piano Concerto with Masterworks Festival Orchestra in London. She won several writing- competitions, published her lyrics, poems and songs and founded several music duos and ensembles.

Ann-Helena is a member of VS, AVF, GEMA, GVL, VG Wort, DTKV, LOI, and Crescendo, Rad. She has performed concerts in Europe, Africa and the USA. Her students are also prizewinners in piano solo and four hands. She teaches at music festivals in Hungary, Germany and Switzerland and leads improvisation seminars all over the world.

Ann-Helena speaks Swedish and English. During 2010-2012, her 5 solo CDs were released by Cap Music. One CD included Bach Goldberg variations and Chopin ballads, Piano Lyrik, and four of her own songs, piano music and lyrics: Every Moment, Heavenly Songs and Com’Ann.

Standard Length of Performance:
Ann-Helena can tailor her set to the client’s requirements.

Available to perform : Germany & International.

Our Artist Spotlight feature is where we focus on one of our performers, giving you the chance to find out more about the people behind the performances, and offering an insight into the world of entertainment bookings. Here’s our Artist Spotlight on Ann-Helena – Pianist & Vocalist:

Ann-Helena Schluter, our beautiful pianist and vocalist, was born into a Musical family. Her father is a pianist as well, Prof. Karl-Heinz Schlüter, and she started the piano at a very early stage in her life, she was only 3 years old!! She played in her first competition two years later, as a 5-year old talent, and also gave her first public concert that same year.

Ann-Helena’s parents soon discovered that her sisters and she were very talented both on piano and violin. Of course she didn’t take too long to keep improving her technique on the piano, having her own father, as well as other artists as her teachers.

Her favourite thing about what she does is her ability to touch people with her talent, and the amazing moment when art and music hit reality. She says that it is “when life, time and eternity come together”: when people cry.

Her best memories while working in the events industry are those from when she played in big halls and felt very motivated to create an atmosphere and “open up for the invisible and eternal art and music”…

Ann-Helena doesn’t really need much external inspiration since she takes her inspiration from deep inside herself and loves to give her best to art in general, aiming to touch people’s hearts.
She also admired Johann Sebastin Bach for his humble and amazing gifts on piano, organ, composing, inventing instruments, improvising, conducting, leading choris…!

In the near future, this delightful performer aims to finish her PHD, record a new CD and have more time to spare doing what she so deeply loves doing… playing the piano to the whole world!

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One of the best pianists in Europe

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Here’s what Ann-Helena – Pianist & Vocalist’s clients said:

Classical musicians stay mostly in their fields, no Improvisation. Ann-Helena moves in both worlds. She is a great classical pianist, won many prizes, but she is also a singer/ songwriter with very special songs. She presents sensitive pop songs with band and strings in English, German and Swedish. She appears with brilliant musicians out of the Pop and Jazz scene, so there are also groovy sounds.
Ralf Duggen, (U&D Open Air Band Festival Würzburg)

It is rare and beautiful, that art is such an integrated part of Ann-Helena as person, between grand piano, voice, art and pen, between classical music, improvisation and pop music, between concerts and declarations, there is no in between. It is a unity. Sentences and movements grow, wide above, in a big expansion, into different art worlds, to touch mankind. Ann-Helena says that she wants her art to burst and split, that it blossoms out and flourishes to grow and develop. It is a gift.
Prof. Peter Lampe (University Heidelberg)

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