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Add some wonderful whimsy and humour to your event and hire a clown to entertain the crowds. We have some excellent clowns that are sure to bring some fun and silliness to the occasion that everyone will enjoy. Get in touch to learn more about the clowns on our roster…

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Clown Bluey & Conk the Clown

Hire / Book a Clown

Do you want to hire a clown that will have everyone in fits of giggles at their antics? The clowns on our books are colourful performers with a passion for entertaining all ages with their talents, they have plenty up their sleeves including juggling, balloon-modelling and stilt walking. These entertainers will create an excellent rapport with their audience to ensure they all have a fantastically enjoyable experience, if you hire clowns you can be sure that everyone will be in good spirits all day with their infectiously joyful outlook.

What is a Clown?
With a variation of types of clown throughout history, the typical circus clown is the one we typically imagine; their faces painted white with exaggerated features and wearing outlandish costumes with bright colours and frills. A clown entertains their audience by performing physical comedy and tricks, usually at their own expense.

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