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Diabolo Juggler & Clown

Zanzibar le crazy French man who can be seen throwing his 3 diabolos like rockets in the air or juggling 3 knives on a 10 foot ladder! This orange and black frog entertains in French or in English with his outrageous accent. Danger, skills and comedy guaranteed!

Street performing since 1995 in France, Zanzibar started as a professional performer between Paris and London in 2000. Since then the orange and black french man has been travelling between Europe and Australia, performing diabolo juggling at festivals, corporate events and regularly has main street pitches.

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Throws his 3 diabolos like rockets in the air

Juggles 3 knives on a 10 foot ladder!

Danger, skills and comedy guaranteed!

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Here’s what Diabolo Juggler & Clown – Zanzibar’s clients said:

“We thought Julian was great, he was funny and engaging and had large audiences for all his shows. He was also really easy to work with, friendly and laid back.”

Private Client

“The children had loads of fun. I was very happy about Zanzibar’s performance (although I was too busy doing the catering to see his whole show) and his interaction with the kids. It was just the right kind of input, not too hyper, friendly and funny, he seemed very at ease with children. It is difficult to keep 18 children between age 3 and 6 mesmerized and quiet for more than 15 minutes, especially in hot weather, so he did a very good job!”

Private Client

“Apart from the bubble show, the children were able to have fun with him and play with bubbles in little gangs, duck in and out of the game and come back, which is what parties should be like. They all warmed up to Zanzibar and my quite shy daughter liked him a lot. I also had positive comments from other parents.”

Private Client


Diabolo Juggler & Clown – Zanzibar’s Acts:

3 diabolos
7 balls
5 clubs
4 torches comedy routine
4 clubs juggling on 5 foot unicycle or up to 10 foot walking ladder

Amazing glass manipulation

Space for The Ladder Act requires a flat surface and at least 15ft ceiling height.
Diabolo Show

Zanzibar can perform a complete diabolo show (40-50 minutes) including 1,2,3 diabolos “high” and finishing with 1,2,3 diabolos “low” on top of a big ladder.

Bubbles Act

An interactive performance with clowning, magic and style.
Playing with the bubbles and the audience, Zanzibar performs tricks with soap and water. As the bubbles get bigger everybody gets involved and the shows often ended with an air fight!

Also available as a walk about or pass by act. The show stops when Zanzibar runs out of soap!


Diabolo Juggler & Clown – Zanzibar’s Previous Clients:

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
Thames River Festival
Aurilliac Festval
Woodford Folk Festival

Videos of Diabolo Juggler & Clown – Zanzibar

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