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Hire / Book Beatboxers & Rappers

You can hire beatboxers and hire rappers for a dynamic and exciting event. Beatboxers & rappers provide some engaging and impressive entertainment for everything from corporate to private events. To find out more about hiring rappers or hiring beatboxers just get in touch…

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Shlomo is an excellent beatboxer who will cause a storm at your event

Hire / Book Beatboxers & Rappers

Make your event a remarkable occasion and hire beatboxers or hire rappers to get the crowds going. If you hire beatboxers they are an exceptional source of entertainment as the artists show off their prowess with fantastic music that comes entirely from their mouths. You guests will be both impressed and entertained by their talents. You can also hire rappers to captivate their audience with their vocal skills, a perfect addition to any corporate event or club night they are sure to keep the party going until the early hours. Our roster includes some leading beatboxers and rappers whose experience guarantees that their performances always go down a storm.

What is a Beatboxer?
A beatboxer is a person who creates vocal percussion using only their mouth, it is thought it developed out of traditional African music where performers would use their body and mouths to create the beats. Often beatboxers will mimic drum beats, snares and cymbals and occasionally incorporate other body parts in order to find their desired sound. Many people consider beatboxing as the fifth element of hip-hop.

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