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The Great Gatsby Themed Entertainment Ideas & Hire

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The Great Gatsby Themed Entertainment Hire & Ideas

Since F. Scott Fitzgerald introduced us to Jay Gatsby 100 years ago, we simply can’t get enough: champagne towers, flapper dresses, yachts, sports jackets, lugubriousness, secret backstories, brightly coloured shirts, immaculate lawns and sinister optometrists. Following Baz Luhrmann’s glitzy film adaptation, the roaring 20’s have experienced a powerful resurgence, with electro swing and pleated trousers now ubiquitous. Transport your guests to an East Egg party worthy of Gatz himself with our Great Gatsby themed entertainment.

Some interesting

  • The Great Gatsby was published in April 1925 and is set in 1922. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote it in Valescure, near St. Raphael, France.
  • Fitzgerald coined the term “The Jazz age” to describe the “anything goes” nature of the Roaring Twenties which began with the end of WWI and ended with the onset of the Great Depression in 1929.
  • In 1920, American government introduced Prohibition which was a nationwide ban on the sale and import of alcoholic beverages that lasted until 1933.
  • A flapper was a term used to describe a young woman whose unconventional clothing and progressive attitude personified the free spirit of the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age.
  • The Charleston was a popular 1920s dance popularized by African-Americans and named after the city of Charleston in South Carolina.

How to dance the Charleston:
1. Step back on the right leg.
2. Swing the left leg back in a kicking motion, keeping the ankle loose.
3. Bring the left foot forward and step, returning to the starting position.
4. Kick the right foot forward, keeping it loose.
5. Repeat

1. The arm motion is just as if you were walking e.g. with the right leg going back first, the left arm will go up first, and vice versa.
* The positioning of the arms should be quite rigid and the elbows crooked at ninety degrees.
The arms should be held high and, as they swing let them move in circular motions to the right and left.
* All the movements should be exaggerated.

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