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The Great Gatsby Themed Entertainment Ideas & Hire

Watch one of our brilliant Great Gatsby themed entertainment acts:

The Great Gatsby Themed Entertainment Hire & Ideas

Since F. Scott Fitzgerald introduced us to Jay Gatsby 100 years ago, we simply can’t get enough: champagne towers, flapper dresses, yachts, sports jackets, lugubriousness, secret backstories, brightly coloured shirts, immaculate lawns and sinister optometrists. Following Baz Luhrmann’s glitzy film adaptation, the roaring 20’s have experienced a powerful resurgence, with electro swing and pleated trousers now ubiquitous. Transport your guests to an East Egg party worthy of Gatz himself with our Great Gatsby themed entertainment.

Some interesting

  • The Great Gatsby was published in April 1925 and is set in 1922. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote it in Valescure, near St. Raphael, France.
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