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Hire / Book Percussionists & DJ Percussionists

Add some excitement and vibrancy to your event and hire percussionists or hire DJ percussionists to provide the perfect soundtrack to the occasion. Our amazing percussionists and DJ percussionists can get any party going. Get in touch to find out more about hiring percussionists or DJ percussionists.

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Rocky is a freestyle percussionist performing to a variety of music styles

Hire / Book Percussionists & DJ Percussionists

You can hire percussionists and hire DJ percussionists to create that irresistibly upbeat party vibe at your event. Our expert range of multi-talented percussionists and DJ percussionists are experienced and diverse, bringing an amazing range of rich and up-tempo music to any occasion. These percussionists are great for any corporate or private event, with a unique take on the DJ set with some engaging live music and undeniable charisma, if you hire percussionists you are certain to have a memorable event. You can also hire DJ percussionists to bring that extra flair and thrill to your event, our roster is bursting with fascinating percussionists who can provide a musical experience like no other.

What is a Percussionist or DJ Percussionist?
A percussionist is a term used to describe a musician who can play percussion instruments such as Xylophone, triangle, drums or tambourine to a good standard. Percussionists often provide the rhythm in music; however, they are also effective in creating harmony and melody, adding extra depth to a piece. Certain types of percussionists have also expanded their skills to put on exciting sets at clubs as DJ percussionists.

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Did You Know? – A percussion instrument is described as any instrument that requires impacting a surface to make a sound, this means even a piano could be considered percussion as the sound is made from the hammer striking a taut chord.

What is the Difference Between a Drummer and Percussionist?
Although a drum is often considered a percussion instrument, drummers are actually entirely different to percussionists due to the exclusive nature of a drummer compared to the more diverse meaning of a percussionist. Where drummers play the drum set, percussionists can play a variety of percussion instruments which may also include the drums. Percussion applies to a broader range whereas drums are more specific.

Hire Percussionists on our Books
If you would like to hire percussionists or hire DJ percussionists, we have a brilliant roster to choose from that will make your event a fantastic experience for all your guests. A percussionist can add that dynamic edge to your event with some engaging live music that will get everyone on their feet and dancing the night away. If you hire DJ percussionists they will help to provide an atmospheric soundtrack to the proceedings, varying from fast, upbeat music to a more chilled ambience. A percussionist can apply their skillset to match your theme or desired tone of the event for a bespoke performance. Here are a few of the talented percussionists and DJ percussionists to hire on our books:

  • Hire DJ Percussionists Beats Boutique – This eclectic and charismatic group are made up of some of the leading percussionists and musicians in the industry, putting on incredible shows that cover everything from disco and pop to club chart toppers. With their fusion of live music and dance hits they are bound to go down a storm at any event.
  • Hire Percussionist Hangman – A completely unique performer, musician and club percussionist Hangman plays rare Hang instrument that uses the same principles of a steelpan to create some enchanting sounds. This percussionist has brought his performance to television screens and clubs all over Europe, giving his audience a show like no other.
  • Hire DJ Percussionist Rocky – Experienced on a number of percussion instruments Rocky is an expert at conjuring up some fantastic music to create a party vibe, using his array of instruments and ear for music to immerse the crowds with some magnetic tunes.

Hire Percussionists or Hire DJ Percussionists
If you’re after some great live music with all the elements of a dynamic DJ, then you can hire percussionists to bring that uplifting sound to your event. If you hire DJ percussionists, you are sure to make the occasion an absolute hit. Our fabulous roster of percussionists injects passion and drive into all their performances, using their musical expertise to make it a show like no other. As a leading entertainment agency, we love to help you put on an event to proud of with some unforgettable entertainment. If you’re looking to hire percussionists or hire DJ percussionists our dedicated and friendly account managers can give you the recommendations and advice you need, just get in touch to learn more!


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