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Music Booking Agency

Check out our truly amazing Music Booking Agency roster of famous bands and singers who are available to book for corporate and private events around the world.

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Music Booking Agency - London, UK & International


Music Booking Agency for Beatboxers: we have the best Beatboxers to hire, including Beatboxer Bass Six and Bloxed Beats Beatbox…

Music Booking Agency - London, UK & International

Famous Pop Groups & Bands

Music Booking Agency for Famous Pop Groups & Bands: Texas, Simply Red, Atomic Kitten…

Music Booking Agency - London, UK & International

Indie & Electronic Artists

Music Booking Agency for Indie & Electronic Artists: we have the best Indie & Electronic Artists to hire, including Arcade Fire, The xx, Lorde…

Music Booking Agency - London, UK & International

Rock Artists

Music Booking Agency for Rock Artists: we have the best Rock Artists to hire, including Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters…

Music Booking Agency - London, UK & International

Soul & Disco Artists

Music Booking Agency for Soul & Disco Artists: we have the best Soul & Disco Artists to hire, including Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, Lionel Richie…

Music Booking Agency

Brit Awards Winners & Nominees

Music Booking Agency for the most amazing British and International Awards Winners & Nominees to hire, including Liam Gallagher, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Kylie…

Music Booking Agency

Famous Pop Artists

Music Booking Agency for Famous Pop Artists! We can book you a Famous Pop star like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber…

Music Booking Agency

Opera Singers & Classical Musicians

Music Booking Agency for Opera Singers & Classical Musicians: we have the best Opera Singers & Classical Musicians to hire, including Il Divo, Katherin Jenkins…

Music Booking Agency


Music Booking Agency for Famous Singers: we have the best Singers to hire, including Lana Del Ray, Craig David…

Music Booking Agency


Music Booking Agency for DJs: we have the best DJs to book, including David Guetta, Judge Jules, Norman Jay…

Music Booking Agency - London, UK & International

Country Music Artists

As a music booking agency for Country Music Artists we have the best Country Music Artists to hire, including The Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow…

Music Booking Agency - London, UK & International

Jazz, Swing & Blues Artists

Jazz, Swing & Blues Music Booking Agency: we have the best Jazz, Swing & Blues Artists to hire, including Jamie Callum, Michael Buble…

Music Booking Agency - London, UK & International


Music Booking Agency for Rappers: we have the best Rappers to hire, including LL Cool J, Ms. Lauryn Hill…

Music Booking Agency - London, UK & International

Urban & Hip Hop Artists

Music Booking Agency for Urban & Hip Hop Artists: we have the best Urban & Hip Hop Artists to hire, including Craig David, Soul II Soul…

Music Booking Agency - London, UK & International

Celebrities to Hire as DJs

Music Booking Agency for Celebrities to hire as DJs: including Fearne Cotton, Gok Wan …

Music Booking Agency

We are an award winning Music Booking Agency with an excellent roster of talented singers and bands who have dominated the industry. These fantastic musicians can make any private or corporate party an unforgettable occasion. Whether it’s leaving the room speechless with their stunning vocals, or putting on a visually epic performance that will have everyone hitting the dance-floor; their adrenaline pumping and grins plastered to their faces. These incredible musicians can ensure your special event will stand out from the rest.

Why Use a Music Booking Agency?
There is always the question of which way is best when it comes to booking entertainment for your event. As a top music booking agency we are fully equipped to deal with all sorts of enquiries, and can help you find the best of the best so you can put on an event to remember. To help you decide we have thought of a few reasons why you should use a music booking agency:

  • Knowledge – Our fantastic account managers have experience and knowledge of the music industry and event planning, so they make sure everything runs smoothly. They can help you prepare for your event and can give you some original recommendations of the most suitable music for your occasion.
  • Reputation – An agency can use their good name and connections to help source the best possible musicians, with the expertise and relationships they already possess it means you are more likely to have the perfect music than if you went direct.
  • Time – A music booking agency is there especially to be the middle man, this means we are always available to help with any concerns and are contactable when a musician or band could be busy.

The Benefits of Using a Music Booking Agency
As well as a music booking agency being a reliable, organised and available service, there are many more advantages to consider once you’ve decided to book a musician. With an emphasis on pleasing the client and performer, a booking agent is a valuable asset when organising an event that might be quite complicated and hectic, they can act as calm centre and use their experience to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Here are a few more benefits to hiring through a music booking agency:

  • Precision – When you enquire about booking music, you may have an artist in mind or just a general budget and style, either way a booking agency will help you find a suitable act, within your budget and give you alternate performers if the one you had in mind isn’t available. This means they can filter out any band that doesn’t fit your requirements and save you a lot of time and energy.
  • Efficiency – With us taking care of all the details you’ll have a lot more time on your hands to sort out other parts of your event, or even just take some time to relax before the big day. There will be no stress for you and a music booking agency do this every day so are guaranteed to get it done quick with quality service.
  • Straightforward – Instead of having to trawl through the internet finding the right musician at the right price, trying to get in contact with them, finding out availability, and worrying about dependability or anything else, all you need to do is tell a music booking agency the simple details of your event, such as the date and location, then they will sort out the rest. If a booking agency recommends a band or musician this means they have checked them against all your requirements and found them to be a top calibre option. A music booking agency will always suggest the best available because they want you, the client, to be happy.

Music Booking Agency
Here at Contraband we have a dedicated team who can assist you with any enquiries or bookings you may have. With a roster absolutely bursting with exceptional performers who can contribute to putting on the event of your dreams, we are a music booking agency that puts our heart and soul into making sure our clients are happy. Even if you cannot find your desired act on our site you can still get in touch! We have a fantastic little black book of top music representatives to contact and find the perfect musician for your special occasion. Just give us a call and we would be delighted to discuss a music star booking with you.

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Kylie is one of our sensational music artists who we are booking agents for:

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