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Hire / Book Pickpocket Performers

Hire pickpocket performers to amaze your guests as they slyly swipe watches, wallets and even jewellery while they are being worn! You are sure to be impressed with their skills. For more information about hiring pickpocket performers get in touch…

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Pickpocket Performer Lee’s Showreel

Hire / Book Pickpocket Performers

Stun your guests with some comedy theft when you hire pickpocket performers, these quick and talented acts can blend in to your event and cleverly swipe a multitude of items from right under your nose. As they reveal their goods to your unsuspecting guests the pickpocket performers will have them in fits of laughter, handing everything back with flourish and a smile. You can hire pickpocket performers for everything from grand corporate events with everyone dressed to the nines or busy promotional events in need of some brilliant ice breaking entertainment. If you hire pickpocket performers they are just like magicians, using expert sleight of hand and trickery as they amaze your guests.

What are Pickpocket Performers?
Encounter all the thievery and nimbleness of a real pickpocket but without the consequence of actually losing anything. The pickpocket performers may engage guests in witty conversation or brush past them while unbeknownst to them, lifting a wallet, watch or various other items from their person. This is done entirely for entertainment as the pickpocket performers reveal to their targets what they have taken, putting their minds at ease instantly.

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