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Hire / Book Ice Sculptures

Hire an enchanting ice sculpture as the focal point of your event, an ice sculptor can be hired to create a magical piece; whether it is a live ice carving, a workshop or a bespoke ice sculpture, it is sure to impress your guests. Contact us to find out more about booking an ice sculptor…

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Hire Ice Sculptures

You can hire ice sculptors with us that can achieve some breath-taking, magical pieces that will wow the crowds. As an entertainment booking agency, we have some of the best ice sculptors to hire in the industry on hand to provide these fascinating works of art that can add a wonderfully wintry element to your event or service as a glamorously mesmerising feature for the guests to marvel at. The intricate, hand carved ice sculptures to hire on our roster are certainly the best choice to book if you want the memory to last a lifetime. If you hire ice sculptures for your decorations your event will be a visual spectacle that is sure to impress your guests.

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Origins of Ice Sculpting
The art of ice sculpting dates back all the way to the 17th Century where people in China would freeze buckets of water then carve out a hole in the middle for a candle which they would then use as a lantern to help the fisherman find good fishing spots, as time went on they began to get more inventive and hang the ice lanterns in their home or show them off at carnivals.

Ice Sculptors on our Books
We have an excellent roster of leading ice sculptors to hire in the industry who can lend their skills for your special occasion, whether it is putting on a live demonstration or creating some interesting ice decor to glam up your venue. Here are some exciting ice sculptors to hire on our roster:

  • Creations – These expert ice sculptors can create bespoke piece or have a selection of popular sculptures to recommend for your event, with the latest technology and impressive skills they are sure to make a sensational statement at your event.
  • Ice Designs – Offering both live demonstrations and team building workshops these amazing ice sculptors are perfect as interactive entertainment.
  • Ice Models – Adept at building either luges or intricate ice statues, these ice sculptors can supply a touch of exceptional elegance for your event.

3 Popular Functions of Ice Sculptures
Whatever the event these impressive ice sculptors can bring an enchanting touch of class that will amaze your guests. If you’re looking to hire ice sculptures you will need to consider what kind of service you would like, here are a few of the top functions of an ice sculpture at an event:

  • Vodka Luge – A popular choice for parties, a luge is an ice sculpture that is drilled so that vodka can be poured in the top and travel through to be caught in a cup or straight into your mouth. This is perfect if you want an attractive and fun addition to your event that all your guests will want to try out.
  • Feature – The talented ice sculptors on our roster can create visionary masterpieces out of a simple block of ice. They can work great as a fancy decoration to adorn the venue and have a focal point at your wedding or other special occasion.
  • Entertainment – For a more interactive style of ice sculpturing you can book an ice sculpture demonstration, so your guests can watch a block of ice transform in front of their eyes to an amazing piece of art.

Hiring an Ice Sculptor
Your special occasion will be made even more special if you hire ice sculptures that are expertly crafted by the ice sculptors on our roster. They can conjure up an exceptional ice sculptures that will make your event the talk of the town. As a top entertainment booking agency, our fantastic account managers are experts in their field and can help you pick the best possible artist for your event. If you have any questions or would like to hire ice sculptures for your event just get in touch, we will make sure your occasion is a true success story.


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