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Reach for the skies and hire stilt walkers to amaze your guests. We have a fantastic variety of stiltwalkers to hire, from mystical creatures to historical characters. Get in touch to find out more about hiring stilt walkers…

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Hire / Book Stilt Walkers

For entertainment that is literally heads above the rest you can hire stilt walkers. With their wonderfully bespoke costumes that catch the eye and their astonishing grace on stilts, these performers always prove to be a hit at all types of events. If you hire stilt walkers they can roam around your event, providing some brilliant photo opportunities and working as a great ice breaker at corporate functions. Whether you want some intriguing characters to fit in with an enchanted forest theme or are after some vibrant LED stilt walkers to light up the occasion, we have an excellent array of stilt walkers to hire for a remarkable event.

The Benefits of Hiring a Stilt walker
Stilt walkers have been a staple of event entertainment for years, there are many advantages to hiring stilt walkers to roam around your event. Here are some of the brilliant benefits of having a stilt walker at the special occasion:

  • Due to their stature and size they can tower above crowds making them the perfect option to keep an eye on those arriving and welcome them to the event, directing them and making an excellent first impression.
  • Their height also works as a fantastic way of grabbing attention, drawing in people who can see them from a way away.
  • With their beautiful bespoke costumes and vibrant colours, a stilt walker is also a popular photo opportunity, with many guests eager for a picture with them.
  • As well as proving popular for picture with guests, a stilt walker is often caught on camera by the media and works well at portraying the event in a fun and exciting light.

Hire Stilt Walkers from our Roster
If you are looking to hire stilt walkers to thrill the crowds then we have a wonderful roster of dynamic and interesting characters and creatures to choose from. Whether you want to hire stilt walkers to make a magical first impression for people entering a festival or are looking to excite the children at a family fun day, you are sure to find the perfect stilt walker from our extensive roster. All our stilt walking characters are amazing performers that will wow guests at any event, large or small. Here are just a few of the stilt walkers to hire from our books:

  • Hire stilt walkers Forest Fairy Queens – These enchanting fairy creatures adorned in flowers with flowing robes are a brilliant choice for any outdoor event, adding a spellbinding and magical sense to the occasion.
  • Hire stilt walkers The Silver Belles – This group of shimmering stilt walkers are head to toe in sequins, glitter and disco balls and are sure to catch the eye of your guests.
  • Hire stilt walkers S Stilts – With a variety of striking outfits at their fingertips this duo can transform themselves into an array of different characters that the crowds will love, from Day of the Dead skeletons to birds of paradise.

Hire Stilt Walkers
You are sure to make your event one to remember when you hire stilt walkers, their impressive appearance and amazing balance always proves to be a hit with guests. As a top entertainment booking agency, we have the connections and resources to find you a stilt walker that suits your event. Our dedicated and friendly account managers can give you recommendations and work with you so your hire a stilt walker that you love. Just get in touch with any enquiries about hiring stilt walkers, we would be delighted to help make your event a spectacular experience.

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