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Electric Stiltwalkers provide fabulous theatre, refreshing and unusual entertainment, surreal happenings, issue awareness, theatrical solutions for businesses, training and education for all. Our performances aim to encapsulate and convey the leap of the imagination that is inherent in good expansive theatre, where literal is exchanged for abstract and concepts reign.

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Here’s what Electric Stilt Walkers – Various Acts clients said:

“Please pass on a huge thank you to Electric Stiltswalkers for their fantastic work on Saturday night at the BOAs Welcome Home Party. They were brilliant.”

British Olympic Committee

“Electric Stilts did a fantastic job for us at our Annual Hootenanny as the Clockman. They worked extremely hard under difficult conditions and was a real asset to the programme. I hope that we will be able to use him again next year in some capacity. I just wanted to let you know that we would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Private Client

“I just wanted to say a big thank you from all of us at WDM for the hard work and help of your stilt walkers. The guys were great and really helped the success of the parade and I hope you can pass on our thanks to both of them.”

World Development Movement

“I just wanted to let you know the fantastic response we had from our customers and our partners alike towards gold people. They were absolutely delightful and fun and helped make our special events day truly spectacular. Please be good enough to pass our thanks on to them and I am sure that we will not hesitate to request them again for further events and promotions.”

Private Client

“We would like to thank you for suggesting the attendance at our medieval wedding banquet. Although he did scare a bit a couple of the smaller children, the overwhelming majority of the more grown up guests were mesmerised by him. Some indeed mistook him for a statue and were stunned to see him wander in after theyd had a few sips of mulled wine. Others took great delight in attempting to provoke some sort of reaction from him. He really contributed to the general ambience of the event, (not that it was grim) and provided a dramatic contrast to the medieval players and jester. So yes, we were very happy with his performance and will recommend his services to others of our ilk.”

Private Client

“Feedback from the launch day has been great. The customer comments coming back were very positive and it was a success.”

Whitewall Marketing Ltd (via Contraband)


Electric Stilt Walkers – Various Acts’s acts available:

Big John Bull

British stiltwalking icon Big John Bull is a force to be reckoned with…almost as wide as he is tall, John Bull is the centre of attention, and a great focus for any event. This act is perfect for corporate events with a British theme. It is also a great form of entertainment for Olympic themed events in London. This entertainer will really make your guests laugh.

The Elementals – Stilt Walker Statues

The Elementals are indeed mammoth. These awe inspiring giant stilt walkers can transform into statues at the wink of an eye thus creating a new and exciting sculptural oddity. Stilt walker statues can be static, roaming or indeed themed.

The Elementals With Ball

Made from molten gold, forged deep within the Earths crust. The Elementals are huge stilt statues that roam the world seeking a home for their giant silver orb. They transform any environment commanding awe. The Elementals bring their rolling street theatre show rolling right to the toes of their audience who themselves have been transformed to mesmerized statues. The Elementals are indeed mammoth (work with or without the ball).

Tall Men In Black

Reservoir Dogs meet the Blues Brothers. These guys are secret agents, over zealous security guards, gangsters and giant stilt walking bouncers all rolled into one. These stilt walkers frisk innocents, impose their foolery and break into dance. These tough stilt walkers inhabit a highly improbable world.

The Tall Order Chefs – Stilt Walking Cooks

Adding spice to any event, a culinary skilled stilt walker is the cherry on the cake at any event. As seen at Jamie Olivers Fifteen Foundations award ceremony. The Tall Order Chefs (up to six available), blazingly brilliant stilt walking celebrity chefs will add an extreme culinary angle to any event. Performed for Cadburys, Lindt and the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Theatrical expertise will be used to deliver wit and repartee. Different accents available.

The Gentrified Gents – Stilt Walkers of Distinction

Elevating the tone of any event, the gentrified stilt walker gents will ensure fair play, Victorian values and amusing times are had by all. Never has a stilt walker been so proper!

Heightened Security

Be rest assured, be very rest assured and dont try any funny business or its the portokabin for you! Booked 5 years on the trot for the Great North Run. Ideal where banter with the public is appreciated. Variations on the costume could be bouncers, high visability jackets, car park attendants, police officers and other well meaning officials.

Victorian Policemen

Evening all! ello ello ello, what ave we here then, suspicious very suspicious, I hope youve got a license for entertainment. Such running commentary will keep the punters on their toes and looking sharp. Making sure that all are kept in order are the good old fashioned Victorian gent police! They really are the long ‘leg’ of the law!

Clock Man

Contemporary human time piece ensuring punctuality and good timekeeping, this character was commissioned by the Jools Holland Hootenanny BBC show 2004 and has since been a regular fixture welcoming in the new year on the national television show.

Old Father Time

Also commissioned by the Jools Holland Hootenanny and rebooked year after year. Old father time is the essential addition to waving goodbye to old year and welcoming the new one.

Santa Up a Chimney

“Im stuck up a chimney” is the cry…. stilt walking Santa is encased
in a chimney. It’s a Yule tide dilemma for all! Christmas might have to be cancelled! If it hadnt been for all those mince pies… Also available is Santa on stilts!

Sweep Up a Chimney:

A great choice for a Cockney themed event!


Electric Stilt Walkers – Various Acts’s previous clients:

Jools Holland New Years Eve ‘Hootenanny’
Rolf Harris ‘Rolf on Art’
Coca Cola
Slough Festival
Hammersmith Council
Circus Malabristas
Evening Standard

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