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Hire / Book Trapeze & Tight Rope Acts

We have sensational trapeze artists to hire that will captivate from the skies and amazing tight rope acts to hire that will stun people in their seats. These incredible performers can put on a wondrous show for everyone to enjoy. Just get in touch to find out more about hiring trapeze artists or booking tight rope acts…

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Jo is an accomplished and experienced international performer.

Hire / Book a Trapeze & Tight Rope Act

Hire a trapeze artist and gaze up into the heights as these incredible acts show off their skills; flying through the air and performing astonishing stunts. Or, you can hire tight rope acts that walk the line with impressive prowess, ensuring that your event will be an exciting experience for all. If you want your special occasion to be packed full of thrills and wonder, hiring a trapeze or tight rope act will be sure to fulfil your desires.

What is a Trapeze Artist?
These daring entertainers will take off from great heights on a ‘fly bar’, swinging through the air to a partner, called a ‘catcher’, who will then propel them back to the bar. During the return to the bar the trapeze artist, also called a ‘flier’, will perform a creative trick to wow the audience then go back to the podium. As time has progressed the stunts used in this routine have become even more complex with many trapeze artists adding their own spin to the classic format.

Did you Know? – The term ‘leotard’ is named after the inventor of the flying trapeze, Jules Leotard.

What is a Tight Rope Artist?
A tightrope walker is a performer who walks across tension wire or rope stretched between two points. They can use either a prop, such as an umbrella, or just their body to keep balance. Occasionally tightrope artists will incorporate other stunts such as dance.

Did You Know? – Tight rope walking is also known as ‘funambulism’ and dates back all the way to Ancient Greece where, although the act was admired it was not deemed a sport. So instead of being a part of the Olympics, tightrope walkers were recognised as entertainers instead of athletes.

Trapeze Artists to Hire on our Books
The thrilling trapeze artist to hire on our roster are of the highest calibre. These experienced performers will take your event to new heights and have your guests gasping with incredulity and awe. A timeless form of entertainment these fascinating trapeze artists put on remarkable feats of grace and agility to keep the crowds transfixed. Here are some talented trapeze artists to hire on our books:

  • Trapeze artists Hard Shoulder – This daredevil trapeze duo stun their audiences with an incredible performance that will have people on the edge of their seats.
  • Trapeze artists Steam Punk – This dynamic pair aim to impress with their fantastical feats of breath-taking acrobatics, putting an edgy twist on the act with a neo-Victorian theme complete with captivating costumes.
  • Trapeze artist Madam Mango – This multi-talented madam has mastered the trapeze with a daring act where she encapsulates a Russian princess, showing off a commanding and engrossing performance.

Tightrope Walkers to Hire on our Roster
We have a comprehensive selection of unique and dynamic tightrope artists to hire that provide heart-in-mouth entertainment that grips the audience throughout their performance. Using an unbelievable amount of balance and control, these tightrope walkers will make their way across the rope or wire, while occasionally incorporating an extra talent such as juggling to spice things up. Here are a few of the tightrope walkers to hire from our books:

  • • Tightrope act Bijou Hire Wire – This team can deliver a suspenseful show full of a variety of tightrope, high wire and slack rope acts, even introducing the awe-inspiring fire wire to the audience. These entertainers will amaze your guests from start to finish.
    • Tightrope act Alice – This powerful performer blends movement and theatre for an absorbing show like no other, incorporating trick cycling, slack rope and aerial bike.
    • Tightrope act Bullzini – A leading high wire performer, Bullzini draws in the crowds for a spectacular and unforgettable performance.

Booking Trapeze Artists
If you’re looking to hire trapeze artists for your event look no further, the fascinating and accomplished trapeze artists on our roster will be sure to wow the crowds. Whether your event is circus themed or you’re after an act with flair and athleticism to add some prestige the occasion, our friendly account managers can recommend the best trapeze artist to suit all your requirements. To get started on a trapeze artist booking just get in touch, we are a top booking agency who will do everything within our power to make sure your event is truly special.

Booking Tightrope Acts
You can watch as these fascinating tightrope acts to hire will use their exceptional balance and skill to cross the wire, your guests will be absolutely shocked at the act, promising memorable entertainment that will have them talking for days after. Our attentive account managers know our tightrope acts inside and out and can help you pick the perfect one for your occasion. We are a top entertainment booking agency and understand the hard work that goes into an event, that is why we want to make sure you find an amazing tightrope walker to do it justice. Just get in touch, we will be happy to help.

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