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High Wire Act

A high-wire walk; the genuine article! Bullzini offers ropewalking ultimatus. Crossings of magnitude on a fine wire. We all know the image of a ropewalker and the metaphor it represents, but how many people can say they have looked into the skies, three stories, ten stories high and seen a human being bridge the space through the void with his footsteps? All who have will no doubt keep the memory with them, and for the rest of their lives!

Each opportunity for a high wire walk tells it’s unique tale based on the specifics to each location. Whether to bridge two pieces of land either side of a river or to unite two buildings for delicately balanced moments as the crowd gaze up open mouthed. The “high-wire walk” can even be set up from two specially designed and purpose built masts, towering ten meters above the awe struck public!

Depending on your needs, a “high-wire walk” can be rigged for day or night time performance, and at special request, Bullzini can tailor make bespoke shows to fit in with your event, adjusting costume or feats performed upon the wire to fit perfectly with your own personal message.

In the past we have actually rigged fireworks to the cable adding to both the danger and splendour of the high-wire spectacle! According to your budget, we can enlarge and modify the high-wire crossing to enhance the natural grace, beauty and splendour of the spectacle.

Standard Length of Performance:
5-40 minutes depending on the length of the crossing.

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Breathtakingly high-wire walks

Each high-wire walk is unique

Can be rigged for day or night time performance,

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Here’s what Bullzini – High Wire Performer’s clients said:

“The High-wire performance at Shambala this year was breathtakingly beautiful…… The whole spectacle was truly magical.”

Shambala Festival

“The act was greatly appreciated by the large invited audience and combined well with the more formal parts of the event performed by The Duchess of Cornwall.”

The National Arboretum

“I would book him at the drop of a hat.”

Desperate Men Theatre Company

“A spectacular success, with over 3,500 people attending…. A delight to work with and the memory will live long in all of those who saw it.”

David Teevan


Bullzini – High Wire Performer’s Technical Specification:

Possible requirements, large quantities of ballast for rigging and plant hire. Full technical rider may vary from show to show and can be given after a site visit.

Performer requirements: A calm space for mental preparation, physical space for bodily preparation i.e stretching/yoga etc. Green tea or a means to make green tea.


Bullzini – High Wire Performer’s Previous Clients:

Glastonbury Festival (headline act in theatre & circus)
Westonbirt Arboretum
Arcadia Spectacular
Devizes International Festival
Clonmel Junction Festival (IRE)
Wye Valley River Festival
Baskerfest (MAC)
Shambala Festival (finale firework spectacle)
Boomtown Fayre
The Invisible Circus

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