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Hire / Book Caricaturists

For a touch of humour and artistic ingenuity hire a caricaturist for your event. Our fantastic range of caricaturists with their own individual styles will be a welcome addition to any private party or corporate event! Get in touch to find out more about booking a caricaturist…

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Caricaturist George who has appeared on Blue Peter!

Hire Caricaturists

If you want to bring laughter to the occasion with some artistic talent then hire caricaturists for your event! Caricaturists can create some hilarious depictions of all your guests and provide some great mementos to take home as an added bonus. The popularity of caricaturists has made them a fantastic addition to all kinds of events; they will have people flocking to get themselves drawn and watch the caricaturist in action.

Our Caricaturists for Hire
We have a large range of caricaturists for hire who can bring some fun and creativity to your event, each with their own special style and attributes they are sure to be a valuable addition to the occasion. Here are some of the brilliant caricaturists on our books:

  • Hire Caricaturist Sonya: With experience in both digital and paper caricatures Sonya’s creative flexibility means she can even tailor her drawings to styles of famous artists such as Quentin Blake or Picasso, for a truly unique and striking portrait.
  • Hire Caricaturists Paul: For a more classic style Paul is perfect; with 25 years of experience, he is a hit at every event. His brilliant work has appeared in publications such as Private Eye, Radio Times and Readers Digest and he also offers a workshop where people can test their skills at drawing caricatures for further hilarity.
  • Hire Digital Caricaturist Rick: Accomplished at both traditional and digital caricatures, Rick can link his tablet to a computer so people can watch him work all over the venue. He has experience drawing group caricatures for the armed forces and has had his work published in Private Eye and The Scotsman.

These caricaturists are great for weddings and also provide great corporate entertainment. Just give us a call and we will be delighted to discuss a caricaturist booking with you!

What is the difference between Caricature and Cartoon
Ever wondered what the difference between a caricature and a cartoon is? We’ve looked into it and found that the most notable difference stems from their origins; cartoons were originally intended for daily newspapers so needed to be quick sketches with less detail, whereas caricatures had more time and effort invested into them as they were used in glossier publications.

Booking Caricaturists
A great caricaturist is a pro at capturing the essence of their subject in a funny way, each with their own unique style the caricaturists on our roster are sure to impress your guests. Here at Contraband, our helpful and knowledgeable account managers are sure to find you brilliant caricaturists to hire and get you some of the finest deals possible. As a top entertainment booking agency we have the connections and expertise to recommend some amazing artistic entertainment, just get in touch and we’ll book you the best caricaturists.

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