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Hire / Book Bollywood Dancers

You can hire Bollywood dancers to bring the vibrant essence of Bollywood to your event. Our Bollywood dancers for hire include Guinness World Record Holders and Britain’s Got Talent contestants! Get in touch to find out more about hiring Bollywood Dancers…

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Bollywood Dance London’s Bhangra Dance Show

Hire Bollywood Dancers & Bhangra Dancers

If you are looking for some spirited and dynamic entertainment, hire Bollywood dancers and Bhangra dancers! These brilliant dancers can deliver an engrossing performance that will get your guests in the mood to party. Whether it’s a team of talented Bollywood dancers adorned in beautiful and colourfull outfits or vibrant Bhangra dancers with a traditional performance, your event is sure to be a hit!

Our Bollywood dancers can thoroughly entertain your guests with stunning dance routines. And our Bollywood dancers can also thoroughly surprise your guests with a surprise appearance by bursting through your venues door, to add a hugely fun and unexpected element to your evening!

What is Bollywood Dance?
Bollywood dance is quite a contemporary style of dancing that was developed in Bollywood films. However, it is hard to determine exactly where Bollywood dancer’s roots lie as it is a combination of different styles including Indian folk, belly dancing and even jazz. As ‘Bollywood’ is generally used to describe the South Asian film industry we can say Bollywood dance is a form of dancing brought to life through cinema.

Did You Know? – Throughout the history of Bollywood dancing the Bollywood dancers have been known to choreograph myths and other tales into their routines, telling the stories using hand gestures or other movements.

What is Bhangra Dance?
Similarly to Bollywood dancing the origins of Bhangra dancing are not entirely clear, but its inception did come about in the Punjab region of India. It is also said that it is related to the martial dance of Punjab called ‘balaa’. Typically, Bhangra is performed in a circle and occasionally some dancers will use other props such as swords or sticks. Additionally, Bhangra dancers may incorporate some tricks into their routine like sitting on each other’s shoulders.

Did You Know? – There are nine sub-genres of Bhangra dancing including the Giddha, which is usually performed by just women and the Gatka, where the dancers perform with daggers, swords or sticks.

What is the Difference Between Bollywood and Bhangra Dancing?
With their energetic and colourful styles these two popular forms of dancing are occasionally mixed up, so we have decided to help set the record straight. Bollywood dancing is predominantly found in Hindi films and is a blend of Indian classical and folk dance with some aspects of Western choreography, whereas Bhangra dancing is much more traditional folk dance which is mainly performed at celebratory events such as the harvest.

Bollywood Dancers to Hire on our Roster
The delightful selection of Bollywood dancers to hire on our books can bring their lively and vivacious routines to your event. Whether you’re looking to hire Bollywood dancers to perform an engrossing show at an event for your brand or would like them to dance at your wedding, these brilliant Bollywood dancers will surpass any expectations with their irresistibly enjoyable routines. Here are some of the Bollywood dancers to hire on our books:

  • Hire Absolute Bollywood Dancers – These Bollywood dancers excel at ensuring your event is an immersive experience for everyone, as well as performing top-quality shows they also run workshops for all ages to enjoy.
  • Hire The Sapnay Bollywood Dancers – This incredible troupe of Bollywood dancers have an impressive collection of accomplishments, including becoming the first ever UK Bollywood Dance Champions, reaching the semi-finals of BGT and Sky 1’s Got to Dance, as well as being named as Guinness World Record Holders!
  • Hire B-Flex Bollywood Dancers – This group of Bollywood dancers have truly made their mark on the industry after bringing Bollywood to Strictly for the first time with a renowned performance as well as being named Nobel Peace Prize performers.

Bhangra Dancers to Hire on our Books
You can have your pick of some of the leading Bhangra dancers to hire in the industry with the exceptional dancers on our books. These fantastic Bhangra dancers always prove to be a hit at any event with their sensational performances that really reflect the spirit and celebratory soul of their culture. Here are a few of the Bhangra dancers to hire with us:

  • Hire Punjabi Dance Troupe – These brilliant Bhangra dancers have performed all over the UK, with a remarkable show that gets everyone up on their feet and wanting more.
  • Hire Absolute Bollywood – As well as their Bollywood dancers this team also have Bhangra dancers that promise a show to remember. Their high-energy, visually stunning performances help to create a fun atmosphere for all your guests to enjoy.

Booking Bollywood Dancers or Bhangra Dancers
Immerse yourself in the wonderful culture and charisma of Bollywood and hire Bollywood dancers to perform at your special occasion. Or, you can hire Bhangra dancers for a more classic show with a dance that was made especially to celebrate. Whatever dancers you decide upon our excellent account managers can offer you recommendations and advice to ensure your event runs like a dream. As a top entertainment booking agency we have the connections and knowledge to help you book the perfect Bhangra dancer or hire Bollywood dancers, just give us a call!

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