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Hire / Book Dancers From Around The World

You can experience cultures across the globe first hand at your event if you hire dancers from around the world to perform. With accomplished dancers from Japan, Brazil, Africa and many more your event will be a huge success. To find out more about hiring dancers from around the world just get in touch…

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Hire / Book Dancers From Around The World

Give your guests a truly magical experience and hire dancers from around the world to perform at your event. These gifted world dancers to hire come from all over the globe, performing dances from their cultures with passion and authenticity. Whether you’re looking to have a Bollywood themed wedding and require some vibrant entertainment or want to capture the wonders of Africa with some brilliant African dancers, your can hire dancers from around the world too make your event a true success.

Types of Dancers From Around The World
Our dynamic roster of dancers from around the world to hire consist of performers and troupes who bring a bit of their culture and heritage to your event. Our comprehensive range of world dancers include traditional African dancers, Bollywood troupes, Brazilian Capoeira Dancers, Hula Dancers and Irish Dancers, as well as many more. They each perform their country’s famous dance, reflecting their traditions and giving their audience a chance to witness something special.

Hire Dancers from Around the World on our Books
We have some of the best dancers from around the world to hire, each capturing a part of their culture with an immersive performance that will draw in the crowds. Whether you want to hire dancers from around the world to perform at a themed event or help promote your brand, these professional and engaging dancers will be sure to put on an exceptional show at your event. Here are just a few of the dancers from around the world to hire from our roster:

  • Chinese Hand Dancers – A sensationally visual feast for the eyes, these dancers will captivate the crowds with their unique show with perfectly timed hand movements making for beautiful and striking entertainment.
  • Hula Heaven Hula Dancers – Hire some bliss for your event with these atmospheric hula dancers who will create a sense of calm that will make your guests feel like they have stepped into paradise. Offering both bespoke and choreographed routines these hula dancers will deliver a memorable routine.
  • Brazilian Fantasy Dancers – This colourful team have won numerous awards including UK Brazilian Dance Performers of the Year and Best Live Entertainment Provider in London as well performing for prestigious clients such as Take That and at The BRIT Awards.

Hire Dancers From Around the World
Hire dancers from around the word for a special and sensational event, these incredible dancers can be hired for all manner of events; private or corporate, they can provide some top-quality entertainment that will set the mood perfectly. Our experienced, amiable account managers are on hand to help, giving you original advice and excellent deals to ensure your event is everything you want it to be. As a top entertainment we love helping you create an event to be proud of, just get in touch and you can hire dancers from around the world to make sure you achieve that goal.

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