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Famous Country Music Artists Booking Agents

We have the best Country Music Artists to hire, including Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton and The Dixie Chicks. These brilliant country music artists are available to book for corporate events, private parties… find out more about booking a Country Music Artist…

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Imagine booking The Dixie Chicks to sing at your event!

Booking agent for Famous Country Music Artists

As a top Famous Country Music Artist booking agent we have some of the best famous country music artists in the business, available to hire for your special event or as corporate entertainment. Whether it’s a lively opening act for an awards show or a slower accompaniment during a private event such as a wedding, a famous country music artist will put on a memorable performance for you and your guests.

Events to Hire a Famous Country Music Artist For
With some of the biggest names in country music on our roster you are sure to find the perfect one to make your event a truly special occasion. These amazing musicians and vocalists will be a great decision for all kinds of events, such as:

– Corporate Event
– Private Party
– Award Show
– Promotional Campaign
– Product Launch
– Weddings
– Festivals

There are many more events that a famous country music artist can put on an exceptional show for. To find out more about booking a country music artist you can give us a call, we have plenty of ideas to help you organise an excellent event with a top country music star.

Famous Country Music Artists
The famous country music artists on our roster will blow you away, we have some incredible musicians that are the best of the best. One of which is the infamous Dolly Parton, this living legend has a dozen Hall of Fame Honours to her name as well as 8 Grammys and is one of the most honoured female country performers of all time. Alongside Parton on our books is American Idol winner Carrie Underwood, since winning the show in 2005 she has had success after success. Carrie Underwood is now a member of the Grand Ole Opry and the all time top country artist on RIAA’s digital single ranking with two Grammy’s for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

Additionally there is Jeff Bridges and The Abiders, a prominent country band named after the actor’s famous line in ‘The Big Lebowski’. Jeff Bridges has always been into singing and songwriting but the band really kicked off after his role in ‘Crazy Heart’, his portrayal of a washed up country artist won him an academy-award and incited a further foray into music. These amazing famous country music artists can create a great atmosphere for your event.

Origins of Country Music
Country Music is a very popular genre of modern music, giving birth to some of the biggest musicians in the industry it has grown over the years to have many different forms and styles. We have found out some little known facts about the genre:

  • Country Music originated in Southern United States in the 1920’s, emerging from folk music as it’s own genre.
  • Jimmie Rodgers was the first country music star and is known today as the Father of Country Music.
  • Henry Ford promoted and sponsored country music because he believed it was of superior moral quality than other music genres of that time.

Hiring a Famous Country Music Artist
Even though you may not see your desired famous country music artist above we may still be able to help; with our little black book of representatives we can assist you with finding the right act for your event. As a booking agent for famous country music artists we have a great selection for you pick from to make your event an extra special occasion.

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