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Hire / Book Walkabout Musical Acts

For an unforgettable event your can hire walkabout musical acts including bands, soloists, stilt walking musicians and more. Just get in touch to learn more about hiring walkabout musical acts…

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With a unique sound combining guitar, beatbox, and fierce harmonies, Triple Threat perform a live show like no other.

Hire / Book Walkabout Musical Acts

Create an engaging atmosphere at your event and hire walkabout musical acts to entertain your guests. We have an extensive roster of exciting and dynamic musical acts that are sure to get any party in full swing. If you are looking to hire walkabout musical acts, we have everything from drummers to beatboxers, each bringing their own special brand of charisma and musical talent that is sure to make an excellent impression on the crowds. To immerse your guests in some fantastic music and provide the with an original talking point hire walkabout musical acts to delight your guests.

What are Walkabout Musical Acts?
Walkabout musical acts can put on a personal, accessible and versatile show as they are usually self-contained, meaning less set up and a more immersive experience for your guests. This also means that they are generally more compact so are suitable for smaller venues.

Did You Know? – According to studies listening to music has a beneficial effect on the immune systems of adults, with results showing that listening to music helps decrease anxiety and helps immune system function.

Hire Walkabout Musical Acts from our Roster
Conjure up a magical atmosphere at your event and hire walkabout musical acts to enchant your guests with some immersive and dynamic music. Whether you are looking to hire walkabout musical acts to compliment a themed occasion with some appropriately vibrant music or are after some marvellous melodies to add some ambience, we have an exceptional range of talented musicians and vocalists that are sure to impress. Here are just a few of the walkabout musical acts to hire from our roster:

  • Hire walkabout musical act The Travelling Hands – One of the UK’s leading roaming band, this group put on a dynamic set with captivating harmonies, vibrant percussion and a unique take on modern and classic hits. They are bound to impress your guests.
  • Hire walkabout musical act The Flaming Saxophone – This striking performer will bewitch your guests with his amazing saxophone act, with the instrument producing a flame as he plays making for truly extraordinary entertainment.
  • Hire walkabout musical act The Moving Melodies – This all-female band of vocalists and musicians always prove to be hit with the crowds, bringing a fantastic energy and passion to their performances along with some audience participation.

Hire Walkabout Musical Acts
You can breathe some musical life into your event and mix things up when you hire walkabout musical acts. Our extensive roster of amazing walkabout musical acts contains a variety of talented and passionate musicians who strive to give a performance to remember. As a top entertainment booking agency we love to help you put on a remarkable event that you will be proud off, if you hire walkabout musical acts from our books you are sure to find the perfect one to suit your event. Our experienced and friendly account managers are at hand to assist you with any enquiries, just get in touch! If you are looking to put on a sensational event we would be delighted to help.

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